Basketball Drills Secrets Of The Zone

Writer Glen C. Brown author of `Secrets Of The Zone Press` writes from this extraordinary coaching and basketball skilled book.

`In the writing of a text on a coaching system for a major competitive sport, the author is immediately under suspicion that he has withheld his own `secret formula` for success.

So a coach, player or basketball fan who takes a serious interest in the game that was originated and has been perfected in the United States may greet this volume with some trepidation.

Such was my first reaction when asked by Glenn Brown to write an introduction to this volume on the art of basketball coaching.

This man has been a prep and college player, head coach of an outstanding U. S. Army team, coach at an Illinois high school of more than 2,000, coach at an Indiana high school with the largest high school field house in the world that seats 10,000. He is now a successful college coach and is far from leaving his chosen profession any time soon.

Likewise, he hasn`t changed his system or dropped it so he is willing to reveal the system he has been using all this time.

Here, the man who has compiled a 229-115 all-time basketball record as a coach of every age and type of player, has `bared` his basketball soul.

Most books of this type are highly technical, but Brown has, through careful diagrams and simple explanations, treated each phase of the game with simplicity.`

And what a book it is! Whether you are a coach, player or simply interested in basketball, this book is an absolute must have! There is not another more detailed script of game in any book on the planet! It is foundational, it is creative and genius! Yes, basketball players must be creative and genius in using feet, hands and brains! Please, don`t even question it! This is the manual you won`t want to share because it is so good that you want to keep it secret! Coaches, teachers, students, players and basketball lovers must get this book in their hands or downloaded onto their computers. Bar none, this book is diagramed, detailed and contains the works, study and experience that will `land you in the basketball zone`. You will feel like that 3-pointer ball that has just been `swished` and made by your favorite team in the last minute of the game.

If that isn`t exciting enough, then think of your `child` or `grandchild` receiving the book and excelling in an all time favorite sport! I love basketball, both playing and watching, but I especially enjoy learning about it and this book is a golden treasure for anyone to own! This book contains actual drills, in written words and diagrams and is easy to understand. I would not even hesitate, I would Jump up and grab this `basketball drill secret zone book`. You will be exceedingly ecstatic and on the court! I would recommend this book to my children, my children`s children and their children beyond! It`s a timelessly classic book that is universally effective!

Hoops anyone? `Got Game?`

You will now! Just get your hands on this incredible `Basketball Zone Book` and `Look out courts!`

The ball is about to hit the backstop! … Dunk!

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