Skateboarding – The Vert Ramp

It’s the ultimate adrenalin rush of the skateboarding world, tipping your self over the edge of the vert ramp with just a little board on wheels to save you from much pain and humiliation at the bottom. A true adrenalin junkie cannot resist the call of the half pipe but have you got the guts to give it a go? If so read on to get a few pointers to help you over the edge….

Step one
Hopefully you know how to skateboard already, if not you ain’t ready for the vert ramp. Make sure you know all the basics well. Practice on a mini ramp before you consider the vert. It’s a good step to take before you start mixing with the big boys. You need to be able to pull off some tricks on mini ramp with confidence, comfort and style. The better the skater you are the more you will enjoy your experience at the vert ramp, and the less likely you are to be ending the experience in hospital…

Step two
Check out a few vert ramps first so you can get used to the height of them before throwing yourself off. They are a lot higher at the top than they look at the bottom. Getting used to this will help you when on your first run. It’s a bit late to discover you have vertigo when you are on the edge with your board at your feet.

Step three
This is dangerous game so make sure you have some decent safety equipment. It’s highly likely that you go sprawling across the ramp at some point so prepare for it as best you can. Make sure you have a helmet and pads on all your knobbly bits.

Step four
Unless you are a crazy loon or a particularly confident skater you probably won’t want to just go leaping off the top, start off at the bottom and build up speed pumping each side of the ramp. This will acclimatise you to the vert ramp; keep going until to be comfortable enough to hit the top of the ramp a few times, and get down again in one piece…

Step five
OK its now or never, time for the first drop in. Build up the courage; check that the way is clear, make sure there isn’t a fellow skater flattened at the bottom. If you clip someone else on the way down you could create some carnage. It’s a good idea to try you first run in an empty or nearly empty ramp, not only to avoid maiming others but to save you own humiliation…

Step six
Go for it, take a deep breath and go with the adrenalin. Don’t panic and try to relax and be confident. If you do have a spill don’t give up, if you’re a decent skater you will soon pick it up and be performing killer tricks before you know it.

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