Field Hockey Sticks

Recently I broke my cherished eight-year-old wooden hockey stick, so with a heavy heart I began the confusing process of choosing a new stick. Having only used wooden hockey sticks in the past I thought I would just replace it with a similar stick. So I was dumbstruck when I started to search the web and got bombarded with options for composite and wooden sticks of varying weight, lengths and shapes. After days of research and a bit of experience I thought I’d publish my findings to help other hockey players when choosing their next stick.
Long gone are the days of hockey sticks made purely from wood and wrapped with a bit …

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Bottelsen Darts for beginners and Pros

Bottelsen darts, the inventor of the hammerhead retractable dart system, claims it is the only US based manufacturer in the darts world. Now 25 years in the business, that hammerhead system rocketed the company to fame and they are still at the cutting edge even now, with an enhanced hammerhead technology for their latest version of the famous hammerhead darts and they are in the soft dart business as well with their skinny’s darts, that come in soft tip and convertible kits. Still at the cutting edge of darts technology, they are company producing quality products, and their darts are always worth a look when getting a new set.
The hammerhead system that made Bottelsen so …

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Cross Country Ski Introduction

Cross-country skiing is a fun way to take in the beautiful back-country trails in winter with your family.
What It Is and Where You Can Do It
I relish winter snow blanketing the landscape. Luckily, I’ve found a sport that allows me to get exercise and travel on skis without skiing downhill at a resort with lift lines. There exist downhill ski resorts that have a separate area of trails for Nordic skiers. The term “Nordic” covers not only cross-country, but telemark and ski jumping.
These are trails that are usually groomed creating a flat, grooved surface. The pattern will usually appear like giant corduroy fabric. The advantage of a groomed trail is that you will glide …

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The Growing Risk of Snowmobile Accidents

With the growing popularity of snowmobiling and snowmobile racing, snowmobile crashes are an increased risk for operators. Snowmobile safety has become a high priority as snowmobile manufacturers and clubs focus on snowmobile safety and education.
The International Snowmobile Manufacturers Association (ISMA) is actively involved in a worldwide campaign to encourage snowmobile safety and safety training programs. However, laws governing snowmobile operation vary widely among different states, and generally, there are fewer restrictions and regulations for operation than for other motor vehicles, including all-terrain vehicles. Causes of Snowmobile Accidents
Speed is a contributing factor to most fatal snowmobile accidents. Driving too fast often occurs when alcohol is involved. Consuming alcohol will not only impair one’s judgment, but can …

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Buying Hockey Equipment For Kids

Playing hockey is fun and a good sport to help your children build on their character although indulging your kid in hockey can be straining since it is a full contact sport. Supporting a kid joining this sport is costly because of its equipments and rink rental.
Buying quality equipments can be a headache for parents especially if they are not very knowledgeable about it. There are many types of equipments ranging from the very expensive professional grade materials to the basic entry level ones. As more and more kids join organized sports, many of the manufacturers have released models for consumers to choose from. The basics of buying equipment for your kid are …

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Indoor Rock Climbing For The Less Adventurous

Those who love to climb rocks, but are scared for their life attempt indoor rock climbing. Indoor rock climbing has become very popular and those who are offering such courses are making huge profits. Initially when this concept was just introduced, the climbing walls were made of bricks, but that left little room to actually climb and limited space for effective gripping. Then the apparatus was created, which was bumpy and strategically placed resin hand holders to help the climber to get better along the rock. The climbs are made more interesting by various hand pegs that are designed in different sizes to make you feel that you are on an actual rock and not …

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Teaching Your Son Baseball

Have you faced these baseball concerns as a coaching dad?
Has your son become the player he is because he wants to be , or because you forced him into the sport? Dad, if this sport has become more about your feelings and not your son’s , then you need to step back and rethink what you could be doing to your son.
Do you put more pressure on your son , than the rest of the team? If so, you are turning your son against you. Eliminate embarrassing your son in front of his team players. Talk to the team as a team , don’t pick on your son or any other child in front of …

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A Great Source of Football Information

Football is definitely one of the most exciting sports. Every football event truly prompts a rush of adrenaline. The excitement among viewers and fanatics simply could not be easily contained. It is understandable that fanatics and followers are always on the go to seek and access information regarding a popular and well-hyped football event.
Online, there are numerous Websites that are operating to provide basic sports information. But football fans know that the sport must have its own wholly dedicated football news and events site. That is why organizers of the Website Daily Soccer News made sure this demand will be fully covered and provided for.
Visit the Webpage at and see how the site could …

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Your Boxing Questions Answered

Boxing is a sport that some argue vehemently over. It may be considered a violent outlet of aggression that is rigged and the winner is known before the bout begins.
But for other individuals, it is a sport that involves true skills and a testament to the fighting spirit of the human soul. Humanity has been fighting since our first steps began on the evolutionary ladder and will likely to continue.
The sport has fully integrated itself into the world of sports and even has its own celebrities that titillate our urge to gossip and watch their lives like a hawk.
Hopefully the information in this article will address some of the basics of this great sport and …

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How To Choose The Best Urban Road Bike For You

Racing bikes are good bikes and they all have similar traits to them. The light weight frame that you might have to your bike may be made of some light weight metal such as aluminum. The wheels that you are riding on called tires are made to be able to withstand high pressures. The handle bars are slightly lower than usual and the gears and brakes may be in a cluster so you don’t have to take your hands off the grips anytime.
If you just like to simply go on an easy going bike ride, than more than likely a racing type of bike isn’t for you. The bike and its wheels are made smaller …

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