Buying Hockey Equipment For Kids

Playing hockey is fun and a good sport to help your children build on their character although indulging your kid in hockey can be straining since it is a full contact sport. Supporting a kid joining this sport is costly because of its equipments and rink rental.

Buying quality equipments can be a headache for parents especially if they are not very knowledgeable about it. There are many types of equipments ranging from the very expensive professional grade materials to the basic entry level ones. As more and more kids join organized sports, many of the manufacturers have released models for consumers to choose from. The basics of buying equipment for your kid are as follows:


Since hockey is a sport that is played on ice, it comes naturally that the players would be using skates. Using figure skates is a big no-no in hockey because the shape and functions are different and this might lead to injuries. Essentially hockey skates protect the ankles and the feet.

A good fit for the boot is about a quarter or half an inch in allowance when worn with socks. Buying skates can be discouraging at times since it is not advisable to buy a big size and have the child grow into it. Having big skates can lead to fractures since the feet and the ankles are not snugly fitted. If buying used skates, it is advisable to check on the leather of the ankle area if it has not worn out.


Helmet is the core protection of the face and the head. It is best to buy brand new ones to ensure that there are no hidden cracks or hairline cracks that might be overlooked during the selection process. A helmet with a face guard is the best choice for kids to prevent a hockey stick or a puck colliding directly at their faces.


It is best to buy gloves that are long enough to meet with the elbow pads to provide maximum protection. It is best that gloves are the correct hand size of the kid for a stable grip and maximum hockey stick control.

Body Pads and Shin Guards

Body pads and shin guards should fit snugly and comfortably to prevent the protective gear from falling off. Body guards and shin guards are common items on garage sales. It is a good place to scour through the pile. Protective equipments for hockey are outfitted with hard shell plastics that distribute the impact evenly to the body. Before buying the used protective equipment check the plastic shell thoroughly for cracks.

Hockey Stick

This equipment is the safest to buy on garage and surplus shops. Hockey stick for beginners does not really matter because this is the time to gauge what curvature angle should the blade be through time. Also, hockey sticks can be customized by cutting off the top part of the handle.

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