Australian Open 2008 – The Future of the Tennis

The remarkable level of tennis on display at the 2008 Australian Open demonstrated that the game has gone to the next level. Novak Djokovic made it clear that the “big 2″ is now the “big 3″; while Jo Wilfred Tsonga sustained his fitness and thrilled the crowd with his athleticism.
This new level is based on the top modern players being able to attack and defend with equal proficiency. In the past one or the other would suffice. Hewitt defended his way to two grand slams, two Davis Cups and was twice year end #1; while champions Agassi and Sampras relied on dictating the play from the baseline and serve and volley. To compete for the …

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Swimming With Dolphins

Ever since I can remember, my love affair with dolphins has always been a restless force inside of me. As a child I was besotted with the intelligence and charm of “Flipper” in the TV series of the same name. And so, many years later, as an adult, having the opportunity to interact with these creatures one on one was indeed a dream come true.
Quite rightly, dolphins are vigorously protected by many laws which makes swimming with them in the wild an illegal activity. However, thanks to their conservation and education programs throughout the world, Sea World has been granted special approval by USA government to give visitors to it’s parks a once in a …

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Yakima, A Trend Setter For Mountain Bike Racks

Anything that has plenty of varieties and styles makes it difficult to choose from. If you are one among those who are confused on which mountain bikes racks should be chosen in order to enhance your bikes. Then don’t worry this article will definitely resolve your issue.
What are you waiting for? Why didn’t you get Yakima into your minds the moment mountain bike racks came to your imagination. Is it required to be stated that the Yakima is the trend setter for mountain bike racks which are brought into existence today. This company is operating from Beaverton, Oregon. They are the mark of appreciation as they are continuously improving the standard of mountain bike racks …

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