Why Soccer Not Popular In The States

I was a little tired able to elevate the sport of soccer, but I simply can not help myself. I know he wants to become the great USA but that is never going to happen. The problem is that everything is too boring to watch television. They are not score enough goals and the customer is still waiting so low. It reminds me completely hockey only without the ice and ice skates. The basic rules are the same and therefore the results. If hockey hasn ‘been able to give up soccer.

The only way it could become more interesting is that if soccer should consider changing the rules a little. They should try to make it more like soccer in America. For each customer could just add six points instead of one and a free kick as a field goal. This would be the client and consider a larger number as scores of soccer. This seems to be the same problem with baseball today. More people continue to stop watching sport because the scores are so low. I know it sounds ridiculous but this is the truth. And I do not think this will change in the near future.

Establish a player washed to America, David Beckham, was a mistake. In soccer, seniors at the age of 32 are generally not continue to play at a high level. However, given our soccer players are much worse than others in the world, it will probably succeed. It was a way to try to get people to notice soccer and have some interest in it. The truth is the only place where I think it has helped, it is in California, where he plays for LA Galaxy.

soccer has become very popular in the States to play and it ‘s mainly because other sports are much harder to play. The reason, people can catch the soccer very easily. When I was in high school that children could not play other sports soccer. They need a lot of players on the field so that it gives children many opportunities to play in the game. Like many people who have played in high school, it is regrettable that it will continue to be boring to watch for Americans.

The more we get foreigners to America, soccer becomes more popular. However, I do not think it will ever be able to compare one of our major sports such as soccer, basketball and baseball. It must catch up in America as our major sports have to catch up in other countries. Even if our major sports such as basketball and baseball are in greater progress in other countries that soccer is in our country.

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