NFL Predictions – Three NFL Betting Futures for the Win this NFL Season

It’s finally here. The 2008 NFL season is about to start, which means it’s our last moments to get in some NFL betting futures action. I love betting on football and NFL season win totals are my thing. I don’t bet on Super Bowl and AFC/NFC champion futures much.

Each year I win NFL betting futures on NFL season win totals. Before I give you my three NFL predictions for this season, let me give you a good learning tip. If you’re not up to speed on football betting, you can watch some free videos on YouTube by typing in “wise bettor” into the search box. Try it out.

NFL Predictions

1. New York Jets OVER 7

The New York Jets will win more than 7 games this season. They added Brett Favre and they have a weaker schedule. It’s the perfect combination for a winning season.

2. Cleveland Browns UNDER 8.5 wins

Yes, the magic is over. Their schedule is tough this season and their offense looks terrible. Unfortunately, their defense isn’t that much better. The Browns will go 8-8 at best. Look for them to post a losing NFL season.

3. New England Patriots UNDER 12.5 wins.

It’s very hard to go 13-3. Yes the Patriots went 16-0 last season, but it was full of magic and lucky bounces. They could have easily been 13-3 or worse. This season they aren’t up to speed and suffer from personnel issues. I do think they’re going to the NFL playoffs, but just not with a 13-win or better record.

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