Burnout in Youth Sports

Burnout in youth sports is a threat to the physical and mental stamina of young athletes. As competitive youth athletics engages younger participants each year, the threat of, both, physical and mental burnout in young players grows more imminent. Over involvement in competitive leagues has long-term consequences for kids, if after the first 12 years of their lives they abandon organized sports or, perhaps, physical activity completely. This alarming situation is compounded by the growing competition between youth sports and modern technology, which is driving youngsters to become sedentary, often in the form of sitting in front of a computer for hours at a time. Unfortunately, once young victims of burnout quit sports, they rarely …

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Ski Colorado

Over the last few years, alpine skiing has become a more and more popular sport. Since the early 70s mountain scenes all over the world have turned from relatively poor regions where only farmers could make their live to densely populated landscapes with lots of hotels, boarding houses and so on. In Europe Switzerland and Austria are definitely the most popular skiing nations. However skiing is also famous in New Zealand and even Australia. It is quiet fascinating that there are five huge ski resorts (Mt. Buller, Hotham, Falls Creek, Thredbo and Perisher Blue) in the middle of the so-called Snowy Mountains which are located in the south of a dust-dry continent. North America boasts …

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