Electric Airsoft Guns Facts

When you’re looking into airsoft guns, you need to figure out what type of power mechanism you want the firearm to have. Although some enthusiasts prefer an airsoft rifle powered by a spring via potential energy because of its increased reliability, electric airsoft guns are another popular option. These models come in a variety of different types so you may want to understand what is available before finalizing your choice of models.

Automatic Electric Airsoft Pistols

Generally, these types of airsoft weapons are powered via rechargeable batteries. The batteries power a motor that causes the launching of multiple pellets consecutively. Unlike spring-powered weapons, these are generally more powerful. They pellets can obtain velocities of up to 500 feet per second. Another advantage is that they can fire off a large number of rounds one after another. An average electric airsoft gun is capable of firing up to 2,000 rounds a minute. That gives you a tremendous advantage during competitions because you can be shooting off round after round at high rates of speed which makes it more likely for you to hit your desired targets.

Hybrid Models

Because many enthusiasts were interested in getting a more authentic firing experience from their electric airsoft firearms, the hybrid models were introduced to the market in 2006. These are basically the same in most regards as the automatic electric guns (AEG) except they are more realistic. The pellets come in shells that are released when each one is fired just as they would be with a traditional pistol. Besides the release of the shells, the shots are also accompanied by real smoke and sound like a real firearm. The only downside to the hybrid versions of these airsoft electric models is that you can only get single shot or manual firing. There is not an automatic version available which could put you at a disadvantage in competition.

The Low and Medium Powered Guns

When you’re looking at [http://www.softairpro.com/]electric airsoft guns, you want to steer clear of the low-end power models. Although these are fairly affordable, they rarely pack the punch you want for any type of serious competition or even practice firing. These are some of the most common ones available, however, and are one reason why it’s important to work with a knowledgeable retailer who can provide you with assistance in sorting out the weaker options from the machine gun choices that might be of more interest to you.

Another option is the medium power guns. Although these types of electric airsoft guns are also quite affordable, they have enough power in most of the models to be useful for the purposes you might want. Because of their low price, they make a good choice for beginners who are just trying to get started in the hobby. You can find a good number of models available at this price point and power level. Although they are not as good a choice as the automatic versions, they can be a viable choice.

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