How to Snowboard Freestyle For Beginners (and For Anyone on the Wrong Side of 30)

Just starting to learn how to snowboard? Or perhaps just wanting to pick up some freestyle tips for beginners? Or… you may be like me, on the wrong side of thirty and you know darn well, that if you DON’T get some fundamentals, it could be an expensive hobby!

Whatever the case may be, here are some freestyle snowboarding tips here that should help anyone stay upright and master the slopes in style, rather than being stuck in a pile of snow and not even knowing how to get up…. or taking a jump and landing on your board rather than on your bottom with everyone watching.

Tip #1- Standing Up… Position your board perpendicular to the slope of the hill. Because you move the fastest along the long edge of your board, you want the edge to be perpendicular to the slope vector of the hill to minimize downward motion.

As you stand up keep your body as fluid as possible, rocking your upper torso back and forth in a fluid motion as you push your weight forward. Be careful and keep the back edge of the board planted in the snow as you straighten, with the front edge slightly raised. The back needs to kinda be digging into the snow. If you flatten the board onto the snow you will start sliding before you are ready and likely fall.

Tip #2 Sliding Forward… Slowly tilt your board forward and you will start sliding. To stop, just lean back again and dig the back edge into the snow. Do this a couple times to get the hang of it and the feel of it.

The more you lean forward, the faster you will go.

I am assuming you know that you will want to stay on a smaller slope as you practice!

There are so many amazing things to learn as you learn how to snowboard, especially snowboarding freestyle for beginners.. such as…

# The easiest way to get back up with the board on your feet (without taking all day about it or digging a snowy grave for yourself)
# The proper way to get around with a snowboard (when you’re not heading downhill)
# The best and safest way to get on and off the chairlift (without holding everyone up behind you or making a spectacle of yourself)
# How to fall the right way without hurting yourself or your pride (IMPORTANT if you don’t want to ruin your snowboarding holiday) How to stop (safely without crashing)

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