NFL – Favre Announced His Retirement

It appears that finally Bret Favre is going to retire, after announcing his first retirement in March 4th 2008 with the Green Bay Packers, he changed his mind in the last minute, but then he was traded to the New York Jets. That season with the New York Jets wasn’t the best for him, in part due to his injuries but he had received an already damaged Jets’ team, coming from a record of 4-12. Even so, Favre managed to win nine games with the Jets, three more than the Packers did, but he got injured with a torn biceps tendon and had to play with it during, so the Jets managed to win only 1 game out of the last five, finished with a record of 9-7 and missing the playoffs .

Maybe this was not the way he was planning to retire, but that is the way apparently is going to be. Favre seems to be ready to make that decision since he gave the instructions to his agent James “Bus” Cook to inform the Jets about his retirement on Wednesday and both parts confirmed it in detach conference calls.

“There are several things that went into decision but most importantly, the most important thing was that physically, you know with my shoulder the last half of the year it hampered the way I played,” Favre said. “I’m 39, I had several options [to have surgery] and to let it heal. How that would affect me in terms of playing I had no idea and it wasn’t something I was going to risk.”

The New York Jets owner Woody Johnson said that the decision of retiring was up to him since they were going to do what he decided. Favre expressed gratitude to the Jets crew and said that the experience he had with them was amazing and that he was very grateful for the opportunity that was given to him.

Favre also knows that some people think that maybe it would have been better for him to retire with the Packers since is the team he spent 16 NFL seasons with, however he has stated that he has no regrets on doing it with the Jets because he received nothing but support and understanding from them and he enjoyed the time spent playing with them. Moreover, Favre also thanked the coach Eric Mangini, who was fired from the Jets when the team didn’t make it to the playoffs, saying he was a great coach and someone that always gave him the chance to help the team with his experience.

Brett Favre is considered a Hall of fame person and player for many people, including Mike Tannenbaum, Jets General Manager, who expressed that Favre always gave everything that he had to the Jets family, including teaching younger players, been always competitive and demonstrating the love that he had for the game; for all his teammates, it was an honor to play with him.

The Jets are now looking for a new quarterback; they started studying the list of college quarterbacks that can be eligible in the NFL draft. They have 3 quarterbacks in the roaster right now but none of them seems to be as good to replace Favre; their conviction right now is to find another quarterback that has significant arm strength to play through the challenges of the windy, cold-weather climate that often is an important issue in the Jets games.

As for Brett Favre, is undeniable that he will be always remembered as one of the greatest quarterbacks in the NFL history, who currently posses most of the NFL records and who, even at his 39 years-old, was a better quarterback than many other 28-year-olds on the league.

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