Wimbledon Tennis Championship 2009 – Full Preview

Wimbledon traditions include the eating of strawberries and cream, royal patronage, strict dress code for competitors and ball boys and girls. The 2008 gentleman’s final already the longest at nearly five hours of play, was extended to over seven hours due to rain and finally finished in the dark. Wimbledon is acknowledged to be the premier tennis tournament.

Match Schedule: The tournament shall start on Monday falling between 20 and 26 June. Wimbledon usually begins two weeks after the Queen’s Club Championship, which is one of the major warm-up tournaments for Wimbledon. Wimbledon shall be scheduled for fourteen days, beginning on a Monday and ending on a Sunday. The five main events span both weeks but the youth and invitational events are held mainly during the second week. Traditionally, there is no play on the ‘Middle Sunday’ which is considered a rest day. Additionally, if the tournament is not completed by the end of the second Sunday, all the remaining matches are postponed until ‘People’s Monday’. The ‘People’ days have unreserved seating, inexpensive tickets and allows those who have little means to sit on the show courts.

Main Events: The five main events and the number of players who will play include Gentleman’s Singles, Ladies Singles, Gentleman’s Doubles, Ladies Doubles and Mixed Doubles.

Junior Events: The four junior events and the number of players shall include Boy’s Singles, Boy’s Doubles, Girl’s Singles and Girl’s Doubles. The mixed doubles event is not held at the junior level.

Invitational Events: The four invitational events and the number of players include the following: 1. Gentleman’s Invitation Doubles( 8 pairs of Round Robin) 2. Senior Gentleman’s Invitation Doubles( 8 pairs Round Robin) 3. Ladies Invitation Doubles( 8 pair Round Robin) 4. Gentleman’s Wheelchair Doubles( 4 pairs)

Players and Seeding: A total of 128 players shall be featuring in each single event, 64 pairs in each single-sex doubles event and 48 pairs in Mixed doubles. Since 2001, 32 male and female players are given seedings in the Gentleman’s and Ladies singles while 16 teams are seeded in double events.

Colors and Uniforms: Dark green and purple are traditional Wimbledon colors. However, all the tennis players participating in the tournament shall be wearing all white or at least almost white clothing. Green clothing is worn by the chair umpire, linesman and ball boys and girls.

Trophies and Prize Money: The Gentleman’s Singles Champion shall receive a silver gilt cup 18.5 inches in height and 7.5 inches inn diameter. The runners up in each game will be inscribed with a silver plate. In 2008, the prize money given to Gentleman’s and Ladies single championship was EUR 750,000 and the Double winners were given EUR 229,000.

Keeping the prizes and trophies aside, Wimbledon has always been a game of pride and money and other issues are kept aside by all the players as they are playing to achieve great scores, exhibit their talent and this is quite enough to make them happy. Millions of tennis fans are waiting eagerly for this wonderful game and every year it promises to be a great tennis results event.

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