Lakers vs Nuggets – NBA Western Conference Finals

The Utah Jazz fell apart in the last two months of the NBA season and provided little challenge to the Los Angeles Lakers, giving fans and the media no real indication of where the Lakers stood in terms of championship preparedness. The NBA Odds makers will undoubtedly be shading towards the Lakers as always with the fan favorites, but if the Rockets game was any indicator of the Lakers true championship spirit, then sportsbooks should be on alert.
The Houston Rockets, already playing without Tracy McGrady, lost All-Star Yao Ming and defensive force Dikembe Mutombo, and looked to be another easy win for the Kobe Bryant and the Lakers. But a funny thing happened. The Rockets …

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A Great Golf Book on Perfecting Your Swing

What golfer doesn’t own at least one golf book? None that I know of. My dad plays golf and has at least five different golf books, and is always looking for another one for one reason or another. Why have so many golf books though? You probably only ever use one or two of them, or maybe it took buying all those books to get the complete amount of information you were looking for because you couldn’t find one single book that worked for you. What if you could find that one golf book that would give you all the tips you would ever need to perfect your golf swing? You wouldn’t buy any more …

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Boxing equipments and their significance

One of the finest sport to get yourself fit and fine is boxing. We all are aware that you are not considering to take up the sportĀ  of boxing on a professional level, but it is a very important to rememebr the fact that it is a very good form to be taken as a form of exercise or fitness regime.
The first thing that I would look for, when I am in the process of considering to take it up as a exercise regime is how to get effective protection. Even a beginner needs to have a boxing gear and the different boxing equipments that cater to his/her requirement.This article has been formulated to have …

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Jenson Button Wins Barcelona Grand Prix

Unpredictably, a strong pattern is developing in Formula One so far this season. That pattern is Jenson Button and his Brawn GP racecar securing first place in most of the races this year. With his victory in the Spanish Grand Prix on May 10, 2009, Button has stood atop the podium as victor in four of five races. It certainly is back to the drawing board for many teams, as they look for a way to stop him.
Staring at the pole position was of great benefit to Button. The past eight pole-sitters on the circuit have proceeded to win the Spanish Grand Prix. Button garnered this pole position with precision qualifying driving. His Brawn GP …

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NHL – Blackhawks in the Final of the Western Conference

After a decade without reaching the playoffs, the hope has returned to the Chicago Blackhawks team and fans; with a victory against the Vancouver Canucks on Monday, the Blackhawks are on the road to win the Stanley Cup final, but first they have to face either Anaheim Mighty Ducks or their all time rival, Detroit Red Wings.
This season has been great for the Blackhawks; they have been winning most of the games and the team is really connected with the winning goal that they are trying to achieve this season for the first time in ten years.
The changes on the team had been done by owner Rocky Wirtz, who took the lead of the team …

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