Youth Basketball: Teach Individual Basics Before Teaching The Team Game

Most experienced coaches usually have a starting point planned for their early season practices. They generally know what they want to work on, how long to work on it and when they will begin to work on the team aspects of putting everything together.
Novice or less experienced coaches may have some real issues in getting started and in knowing what to teach, how to teach something, and when to teach different things. This is especially true when it comes to knowing when to begin working on the team aspects of offense and defense.
The individual fundamental aspects of learning basic skills and honing these skills must come before working on team aspects. Players must know how …

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6 Tennis Ball Machine Practice Drills

Here are some ideas for utilizing your tennis ball machine in your practice sessions. Before we get into details of the drills though, a word of caution: make sure you’re reinforcing good technique, not bad! To help with this you may want to:
* work with a coach or friend who’s at least as good as you
* consider video-taping your session – you may spot things as an observer that you can’t as a player
Practice Drill 1
Fire ball after ball to the same position on court, to allow you to really groove a particular shot. Bye bye, dodgy backhand. You can do this for just about any shot: ground-strokes, half-volleys, volleys, overheads, return of serve, etc.
Practice …

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How to Get Six Pack Abs Fast!

Everyone interested in being fit or losing weight usually has one common goal, how to get a six pack fast! While it’s not rocket science, the sheer enormity of systems available makes finding the right product and program next to impossible.
There are tried and true programs out there that will guide you step by step to the answer. Speaking frankly as a personal trainer of many years, one of the best programs available online is the Truth About Abs, but more on that system later. (click the link to look it over) Before I explain more about that system, I feel compelled to point out something quite astonishing regarding the Truth About Abs system, a …

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Why Can’t MLB Be More Like the NBA?

Baseball net fans know I am a traditionalist who has been against inter-league play and wild card teams. But hold the presses, baseball net! I’m now going to advocate that baseball be MORE like another sport.
In my wildest baseball net fantasies, I envision MLB Commissioner Bud Selig morphing into NBA Commissioner David Stern and pushing for an NBA-modeled salary cap. Baseball net fans realize that the players’ union will only support a salary cap when pigs fly, but if sweetened with some Stern-inspired incentives, they may be spouting wings sooner than we think.
Baseball net knows that MLB’s biggest problem is its lack of a level economic playing ground. Medium and small-market teams (e.g.,the Florida Marlins, …

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Dolphins get star power with entry of Anthony as minority owner

The incoming National Football League (NFL) season in October is getting more exciting this early for Miami Dolphins fans. This developed after New Miami Dolphins owner Stephen Ross enlisted popular singer Marc Anthony as the new minority owner of the Miami , Florida based NFL team. The entry of Anthony into the Dolphins further strengthened the star power of the NFL team which already has Singer Gloria Estefan and her husband, producer Emilio Estefan in its fold. Of course aside from Anthony, Hollywood actress Jennifer Lopez his wife will also take an active role for the Dolphins in support of his equally popular husband. Anthony said he decided to become the owner of Dolphins since …

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Basic Boxing Punches

Boxing requires that you are able to move well, keep your hands up, stay strong throughout the game, and be tougher if your opponent is tough. But most of all, boxing requires you to learn how to thrown a punch properly. Below are the things you must first learn:
Straight – A straight punch is the quickest and most direct way to hit an opponent. Since it can be executed on the traditional stance, a boxer can use a straight punch at his disposal – more often than any other type of heavy punches in his arsenal. A straight punch is also the strongest and the most preferred knockout punch by many boxers.
It usually targets the …

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The Ultimate Golf Fitness Review

You are how you feel! If you feel weak, harsh otherwise done in your mental outlook is bleak. Golfers need to remuneration added attention to the mind/body link if they need to get a better golf game.
Golf Pros have worked with players of all skill and fitness levels and they can acquaint with you a large amount of them allow a very poor harmful image of themselves. This isn’t exactly above what is the usual handicappers either. I’m talking pulling out golfers who are round and all they think that in the mirror is the “fat guy”, not improved golfer.
It doesn’t allow them to play better golf. Golfers need to take …

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Getting started in Paintball

Paintball is growing by leaps and bounds. It is fun and also a great form of exercise that can be played by all sorts of contestants from newbies to the experienced. But how do you get started. This article will summarize what you need and how to get started with as little out of pocket as possible. It can become an expensive hobby along the lines of golf but it can be relatively cheap to get started. The first piece of advice I can give would be to first rent a gun, or marker as it is called, to make sure you really like the sport. You can also borrow one and make it even …

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Horseback Riding Basics For Beginner

Understand horseback riding basics are important to ensure your safety and reduce risk when you are starting to learn how to ride a horse. Here you will discover horseback riding basics that every beginner should know. It will cover the subject on:
1. how to choose the perfect horse for you 2. ways to control yourself and 3. Suitable environment to ride a horse.
So, what are horseback riding basics? Read on.
Horseback riding basics -tip no 1: Which Horse Should You Choose?
If you re considering getting into horseback riding, choose the right horse is crucial. Choose an experienced horse is must. In fact, it is one of the horseback riding basics you should master .The horse must …

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Shin Pain

Exercises and advice to keep your lower leg healthy and strong.
Shinsplints are a common beginner’s injury, so many seasoned runners assume they’re immune. But medial tibial stress syndrome, the top cause of shinsplints, is usually triggered by overtraining – something that can befall even experienced runners.
If you feel soreness or pain along your shinbone while running, check your training log. Chances are you’ve increased your mileage or intensity too much without enough rest. Other causes include running on hard or uneven road surfaces and wearing worn-out shoes. Stretching, strengthening, icing, and replacing shoes are effective rehabilitation strategies. If your pain persists, you might have a stress fracture or compartment syndrome, conditions that require a doctor’s …

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Energy Drinks – Use With Caution

We’ve all heard the bad stories at one point or another about energy drinks. At first they don’t seem to be that credible or that important but in time the stories grow and with that so should our concern.
Health risks involving these products are not completely groundless. We have heard that they can damage your heart, we have heard that they can dehydrate you but most people have not heard why they do these things or how much truth is behind the gossip. The fact is that energy drinks are rarely portrayed as a “healthy drink” but they do not impact your health in a negative way if you enjoy them only once in a …

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