NASCAR Sprint Cup – Rookie Joey Logano’s Stunning Victory

The youth did more than the experience this time. That was what happened last weekend in Loudon, New Hampshire, in the NASCAR Sprint Cup race called the LENOX Industrial Tools 301, where the 19-year-old rookie, Joey Logano, became the winner to the astonishment of those who were present at the New Hampshire Motor Speedway.

This victory did Logano amazingly happy because it is his first since joining the top racing series of NASCAR in September last year, when he made his debut in the Sylvania 300. With this win, he also makes history in the racing world, being the youngest driver in the history of Nascar Sprint Series to win a title. Likewise, this victory is also of great significance for his team, Joe Gibbs Racing.

Joey Logano started competing in the top category of NASCAR when Joe Gibbs, owner of the team, took the risky and much-criticized decision of replacing the team’s main driver Tony Stewart, twice champion of the Sprint Cup, for an inexperienced young man who at that time had only 18 years old. Although it was a difficult choice to make, it seems like Gibbs’ decision was accurate, who saw that young man had a great potential and was willing to give the best of him.

There are many drivers that can take up to several years for a first victory, but for Logano, just 20 races were enough to achieve this. This is something that makes him stand out and for the moment is placing him among the list of the biggest names in NASCAR; now it will be up to him to remain there, maintaining a good performance and trying to improve.

In Loudon, Logano left the starting grid in the 24th position; a relatively remote location of the top positions which for some inexperienced driver would be a difficult obstacle to overcome, but for the driver of the #20 Toyota that was not an impediment for his determination to move forward and place himself among the leaders of the challenge.

From his position, Joey always sought the best way to advance, without reaching those who were setting the pace of competition. Willing to do a good job, the driver of Joe Gibbs Racing had to overcome every difficulty he had lap after lap.

Overcoming an early entrance to the pits area after one of his car’s tires exploded, causing him to miss a lap, Logano returned to the track to be placed behind a group of cars that had a limited amount of fuel, as well as his. In that moment it was Ryan Newman who was in front but an exit of the pit area made him lose his position and the same happened to Bobby Labonte, who also went to refuel.

A heavy rain was threatening to make the competition more complicated and there were several accidents due to water on the track, causing the constant appearance of yellow flags, which hindered the progress of the competition. However, this did not prevent Logano to keep moving forward, who in spite of knowing very well that with the amount of fuel that his car had, he could not complete the 301 laps scheduled, kept following the instructions given by his team.

While Joey Logano was leading the competition, the heavy rain that fell during the 273 lap was made the red flag to raise, stopping the race and calling it final, giving the victory to the young pilot that overcomes the record of Kyle Busch, who set the record as the youngest driver to win in the Sprint Cup when he was 20 years old.

It seems that a bright future is ahead for this young driver and with this victory added to his previous wins in other categories of NASCAR, we may be see Logano as one of the next big names in the premier event of American motor racing.

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