The Wonderful World of Hockey

Remind me again why hockey isn’t as popular as Football? Maybe it’s a little too chilly for some fans or slightly fast paced for others. However, no one can deny seeing a game of hockey in person is an absolute thrill. The players who grace the stadiums of hockey are some of the toughest players in all of sporting. You have to be strong when you have people coming at you from all directions!

With roots that go back to ancient times, hockey has been played all over the world at one time or another. Rome, Egypt, South America & Scotland are just a few places that hockey was/is played. Although hockey is well spread, fans will tell you one of the best places to see hockey in action is by attending a Vancouver Canucks game. Based out of British Columbia, Canada, this team calls the General Motors Place home. Without a doubt the team would say that the man who holds everything together is named Fin. Although not quite as ferocious looking as a wildcat mascot, Fin the Whale has been the loveable Vancouver Canucks mascot since June 4, 2001. A delightful addition, Fin enjoys electrifying the Vancouver crowd with his antics. One of his favorite pastimes is blowing mist from his head. Beware when you get too close to Fin; you’re liable to be his next target. Whenever the team makes a goal, look to Fin for a trademark mist blowing. Fin also likes shooting T-shirts, prizes and coupons to his team’s fans.

Thanks to University of New Hampshire’s hockey team and wildcat mascot, you will get to see one of the most entertaining teams in hockey strut their stuff! Their outstanding wildcat mascot known as Wild E. Cat, lights up the stadium and gets the crowd on their feet. You can’t visit New Hampshire without getting a glimpse of this outstanding Hockey team and their wildcat mascot.

If you ever are in need of an action-packed family outing, hockey is the answer you’ve been looking for. Bringing your family and friends to such an adventure will undoubtedly create a long-lasting memory. Winter time can get a bit drab. Add a bit of color by seeing a hockey game! With the aid of a trusty whale or wildcat mascot, hockey will give the kids a wonderful time. Although the weather is cold outside, hockey will heat things up on the court every time.

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