Are You Able to Learn Martial Arts From a Video

Can you really learn martial arts from a self defense video? Can you learn anything form a video for that matter.

The popularity of Martial Arts and MA Videos has exploded over the last few years. It seems that every where you turn, there is another new video with the latest and greatest techniques. To get you in shape using MA, for self defense or for just learning the sport.

A MA video can help you in conjunction with real training. Be it with a partner or by yourself. You will need to practice, practice, practice. It is like anything else that you are learning. If you do not practice you will never get good at it.

Now main benefit to working off of a martial arts video is that you can stop, pause, play and rewind. You can go back and watch it again and again. It is also good if you want to try to get the basics down before you step into a dojo. And then you are practicing in front of other people.

These kind of videos allow you to practice at your own convenience.

The only downside to practicing with a martial arts video is the interaction with your instructor, but that’s the price we pay for convenience.

The video alone won’t make you great. This kind of training require consistent training over time.

Knowledge is one thing, practical knowledge is everything. Without training and practice, you really don’t have a chance. I wish you could be like Neo in the matrix and just upload this stuff.

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