New Trends in Fantasy Sports: “Loser League”-Style Fantasy Football Contests

Diehard fantasy football fans are always looking for new challenges and tools they can use each season to enhance the fantasy football experience. In the past league commissioners and organizers have designed their own loser league contests where team owners are awarded for the poorest performances. This is an easy way to make your leagues more dynamic and exciting. However, in 2009 fantasy football web sites like now offer fantasy contests based on predicting the players with the worst performances. In a recent press release owner and creator Jason McCoy says, “Essentially if you really managed a team, regardless of the sport, you would have to know how to deal with both the strengths and weakness of your team in order to win. is a place where members can prove they have the predictive skills and knowledge of the game to master a new kind of fantasy football challenge.”

How to Draft a Loser League Team that Will Make You A Fantasy Football Winner!

So how can you shift your thinking and begin to achieve success in loser league style fantasy contests like Here are some tips.

Tip 1: Rookie QBs are always great to target because it takes time to adjust to the speed of the NFL and the rookies are more likely to make poor decisions which will result in interceptions, fumbles, and sacks.

Tip 2: Look for a QB on a team that doesn’t have a good running game. If a team can’t run the ball effectively, then the QB is going to have to try to make something happen with the passing game. Once defenses figure this out, the interceptions and sacks are sure to follow.

Tip 3: Look for a QB on a team whose defense is awful. When a QB is forced to play from behind a lot, he will need to pass more often than a QB on a team that has a lead. The more passes, the more chances that the QB will make a poor decision and that means, you guessed it, interceptions, fumbles, and sacks.

Tip 4: Avoid QBs that have a strong running game and a strong defense. These QBs won’t have to take as many chances in the air therefore reducing the chance for mistakes.

Tip 5: Look for running backs on a team with a poor passing game. If a QB doesn’t have a lot of weapons in his passing attack, he will be forced to use the RBs more often and the more touches that a RB gets, the more likely he is to make a mistake (i.e. fumble). Also, when defenses figure out that the passing options aren’t that great for the opposing QB, they will “stack the box” against the run and this makes it harder for the RB to produce good yardage totals and makes it more likely that the RB will get hit hard and perhaps fumble the ball.

Tip 6: For WRs/TEs, look for guys who have a track record of dropping passes (see Terrell Owens or Braylon Edwards). Also, look for WRs with a rookie QB or an inexperienced QB as this QB is more likely to make bad reads and put the WRs in a position to make more mistakes.

Tip 7: For team defenses, look for a team that is lacking in playmakers. These teams don’t have an established leader who can “rally the troops” when the going gets tough. Without an impact defensive end or defensive back, these teams are more likely to give up a lot of points to their opponents making them valuable StinkBall picks.

Tip 8: For kickers, look for a guy with a “weak” leg (i.e. a guy who consistly misses field goals beyond 40 yards). This guy just is not that good and he is more likely to miss a field goal than a guy with a “strong” leg. Also, look for guys who attempt a lot of field goals that are 50 yards or more. Making a 50 yard field goal is tough and the more a guy attempts a field goal longer than 50 yards, the more likely he will start missing some of these kicks.

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An accomplished athlete in his high school days, Marcus Whittman is a sports writer freelancing for the fantasy football web site Whittman enjoys watching live games and putting together a variety of fantasy sports teams each season.