Wrestling: Do Isometrics Help Wrestlers?

What benefits if any are isometric exercise to wrestlers? Isometrics are not the only strength exercise wrestlers should use but it is an excellent supplemental exercise. A lot of the holds wrestlers use is actually isometric in nature so doing these exercises would actually help.

One of the ways to take advantage of isometrics is while working out with weights you can do an isometric movement between sets. Say you are doing a bench press, after a set you could place your hands together in front of you and force them into each other squeezing the chest. If you feel the lower position of your bench press is weak, after a set stand close to and facing a wall and with your hands shoulder width apart, push into the wall as hard as you can for about 5 seconds.

Think of the positions your arms might be in while grasping or holding your opponent. You could try to mimic those positions while doing isometrics. Also, you should do a static hold at various angles of that position so your muscles are exercised for any possibility. You can use weights for static holds instead of pushing against an object. For the best effect you should pause along at least three of the points of movement.

Do not forget the legs, do some isometric exercises for them too. Step into a lunge position or rise up on your toes and pause there for 10 or more seconds. Do squats where you just pause at one point for a few seconds. Use your imagination with isometrics and you will see an improvement in strength.

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