Baseball pitching mechanics and techniques

The first step to achieving success in baseball pitching mechanics and techniques is to ensure optimal balance throughout delivery of the ball. It begins with balance and posture in baseball hitting, ensuring that all your momentum is directed toward home plate. You need to take care of any inappropriate head movement going away from home plate. Many pitchers fail in maintaining balance throughout delivery.

After establishing balance in baseball hitting, next step in pitching mechanics and technique is to create explosive power to foot strike. A short stride slows down momentum and affects perceived pitching velocity. Releasing baseball closer to home plate gives advantage over batter since batter gets less time to react.

The next important baseball mechanics and technique is called equal and opposite. It means your glove arm and throwing arm are mirror images. That is if your throwing arm is at an angle of 90 degrees at foot strike, angle of your glove arm will also be 90 degrees. It can be done in different styles. However, good coaches ensure not to change pitcher’s natural arm movement.

By now you must have realised how critical baseball pitching mechanics are. Next thing after foot strike is to keep all movements directed towards home plate. During this you should keep your shoulders and hip separated longer and ensuring rotation of shoulder takes more time while torso is moving toward home plate. This helps in maximising energy transfer to home plate.

Base ball is a game of pitching, throwing, hitting, catching and base running. In order to improve in these areas one must do rigorous and regular baseball practice. It can be done by going through different baseball drills. You should focus on quality baseball practice and perform baseball drills in batting, fielding and throwing.

Batting drill is the most important baseball drill in baseball practice. Coaches emphasise on well-balanced stance involving pick up of the ball when it is released from pitcher’s hand and balancing body weight until delivery of pitch.

Fielding drill is an integral part of baseball practice. There are unique baseball drills for each of the nine fielding positions. One of the drills is to keep fielding glove fingers on the ground for ground balls and lifting glove to catch the ball after bounce. Throwing drill is the most basic and fundamental baseball drills. Throwing a baseball with right type of grip is very important for success in the game.

You can easily find different baseball drills on the Internet covering throwing, fielding and hitting.

While thinking of learning techniques you must look for baseball videos which are now available in plenty. You can learn different drills, base running strategies, hitting techniques and everything you want to explore about baseball game sitting at home on your TV screen. Baseball videos help coaches as well as those who know nothing about the game. Utilising training videos can be a great asset to players and coaches more serious about the game.Visit us at

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