Carp Fishing in the United States

Carp fishing in the United States is a growing sport. The fish, previously scorned by bass fisherman as “trash fish” are gaining popularity and reputation as more information is produced by organizations such as the American Carp Society and the CAG. Carp have a reputation as one of the fiercest freshwater fighters offering a challenge to the best of anglers. Though once known as bottom feeders it is now known that carp each much of the same diet as trout and bass.

Primarily carp fishing is a catch and release sport. As carp have a very long lifespan they are prone for soaking up any toxins in the water in which they grow. If however the water is largely unpolluted and the fish is handled properly, carp can be pretty good eating as well.

The Carp Anglers Group, or CAG, was founded back in 1993 to unite anglers seeking to catch old “bugle-mouth.” CAG has a decent following in the Midwest and the Northeast of the United States with a growing contingent in the Southwest. Their publication seeks to be an exchange of information between anglers about the newest gear, the best fishing techniques and book reviews. In addition they host numerous regional and some national fishing events throughout the US and Canada.

One such event caused an explosion of carp fishing in the United States. In 2006, the American Carp Society sponsored an event at Town Lake (now Lady Bird Lake) where Al St. Cyr landed a 43.18 pound common carp and a $250,000 purse to go with it.

If interested, contacting these organizations online can provide resources for carp fishing venues in your area. Otherwise the Department of Fish and Game of your particular state might also have information on where to find the carp hot spots. Lake or pond fishing generally presents an easier catch than river fishing. Some of the best venues for carp fishing in the United States include the Forest Preserve Lake system in Chicago, or the Connecticut or Potomac Rivers of the East Coast.

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