How to Coach Beach Volleyball

Beach Volleyball was invented in Santa Monica, California in the 1920s. Unlike indoor volleyball, beach volleyball in the only two players, who play barefoot. Read on to learn how to coach beach volleyball .

Select the best players at Try-outs

Ask each potential team member to complete an application before try-outs. The request should include questions about their strengths and weaknesses of volleyball .

Talk to each player in practice sessions before try-outs. Teamwork is an important component of a successful volleyball team, and some potential players make it clear that not work well with others .

announce try-outs in which players are expected to volleyball beach sports his priority. Players who prefer another sport that does not waste your time trying .

require more cardio


expand the amount of resistance training indoor volleyball coaches . Playing in the sand and covering the whole court, with only two players require more resistance from beach volleyball players .


ask players to run for 20 minutes – in Instead of the usual 10 – the opening of each practice .

Speed Run

Step Drills

Ask both players are about 10 feet from each other.


Instruct the first player to set the ball itself. It set the ball and rotate 180 degrees to face the ball again .


Tell the first player who, after contact with the ball after his return is for the ball to the second player .


Require the second player to accomplish the same process that a player .

Precision Drilling

Run Configuration Step

Take your players on a basketball court. Make sure the rings have networks .


Stand behind and to the side of the basket with a bag of balls .

Step Teaching the

first player standing in front of the basket of .


throws a volleyball setter. It must set the ball so that passes through the basketball hoop without touching the rim drilling Step .

Repeat about 20 times and then switch setters. This forces players to practice speaking the whole train a group .


Step-Up Drill

Train your player standing on one side of the net while you are on the other with a bag of balls .


tell the players that the person whose name should be called to position itself so that the ball falls directly between your knees.


continue to serve the ball until each player has set his body about 10 times.
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