My introduction to fishing

I love to mountain bike and camp. I have a 26 foot toy hauler camper, which is my version of camping, flat screen TV, fridge and shower. These two activities put me quite often in the same vicinity of fishing. I did not see the attraction, why would I want to sit on the side of a lake with a Lamiglas fishing rod when I could be on my bike.

One day I decided to see what this fishing hype was all about, so I decided to get a fishing rod. I found a place that has a huge selection of Lamiglas rods. Who would have thought that there could be so many? Lamiglas is the number one producer of technique specific rods in the world, but what was my need? I looked on the internet to learn that the lakes where I bike are stocked with bass, amongst others, but bass sounded good. That greatly reduced the number of choices.

The first thing I noticed was there were a lot of choices of combinations of “action” and “power”. Action refers to the amount of flex the rod exhibits under load, and where it occurs in the length of the rod. On an “Extra Fast” action rod the flex will be more focused at the tip, this would be ideal if you were fishing where the fish has a lot of cover the he will have to be pulled out of. On a “Fast” action rod the flex will be on the top 25%, on “Moderate” action the flex will more toward the middle of the rod, this additional flex will make casting easier. Power is defined as the amount of pressure required to flex the rod. The heavier the line and lure the more power needed to fight and pull. A lighter line and lure would need less power. I was looking for relaxation, something about heavy fighting and pulling seemed to counter the relaxation I was looking for. Looking over all of the rods the Lamiglas G200 Graphite, seemed like the rod for me, Moderate / Fast action and Medium / Light power perfect middle of the road and the price was very good. I then decided on an Okuma Ignite reel to complete my package. I got all squared away with hooks, weights, floats and lures, as I was not really wanting to cut worms and stick them on hooks, I want to be a clean fisherman.

I headed over to the lake with all of my new found treasures, plus a few things I already had in my trailer; folding chair, beer, a cigar & music. I found a beautiful spot; set up my chair turned on the music (softly), opened the beer and set about trying to figure the fishing thing out. The Lamiglas fishing rod was the easiest thing to assemble then came the weight, float and lure. After I was all set, I light my cigar and settled down to fish with the Lamiglas G200 Graphite Casting Rod. I would throw the lure as far as I could, I guess the weight helps for that (sure was easy with this rod), slowly reel it in (the reel I used really complimented the flexible tip of the Lamiglas rod), throw as far as I could and slowly reel it in. This was not that bad, I did have to go back for another cold beer, next time I would bring two. After about an hour of this I decided I had enough. I packed everything up, and headed back to my camper. Thinking what a great time I had, good thing I did not screw it up by catching one of those pesky fish. I definitely chose the right rod for a day to relax.

All in all the Lamiglas G200 Graphite Casting Rod is a great rod for first time users who just like to go out for a day of relaxation without the hassle of learning all the ins & outs of fishing.

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