How To Play Better Golf – Breaking 90 For The First Time

Just picture this for a moment. You’re standing on the first tee box and you just know today is the day. You have a plan, you have the confidence and you know today you are going to break 90 for the first time. Imagine what it would feel like if you can post an 89 at the end of this round. Sure there’s the personal satisfaction of hitting the goal but imagine how your buddies are going to react.

Are they going to be amazed? Are they going to ask for strokes? Are they finally going to have to pony up on your bets?

And what if you knew you could consistently shoot under 90. How good would that feel?

If you average 95 or 96 now, you probably have that sub 90 game already in your bag. You just need to know how to play it.

Want to know how?

I thought you might.

It’s time that the game of golf, that game you love so much start giving back a little loving and here’s how you can get it.

Before you can play better golf you have to understand your weaknesses. Think back to your last round and review each hole. Where did you lose shots, and be realistic. How many fairways did you miss with your driver? How many second shots had to be played out of the rough or over a tree? How many chip shots did you skull or chunk? Is your putting really all that bad?

Once you figure out where the shots were lost, then focus on shots that you know you can make. What is your favorite club? Does your putter really not work or is your approach shot leaving you with 30 foot putts on a regular basis?

Once you know both your strengths and weaknesses, then it’s simply a matter of throwing conventional wisdom out the window and actually planning how to attack a hole. Remember, breaking 90 is just 1 stroke better than playing bogey golf at most courses. That gives you an extra shot on almost every hole. As you continue reading this article you’ll see how you can better use the game you have today to get a lower score.

The secret to lowering your golf score is to simply play within your game. Let’s imagine a 440 yard par 4. If you are consistently hitting a slice with your driver, ask yourself what club do I have that gives me the longest and most consistent shot. Maybe it’s your 3 wood or better yet a hybrid 3 iron. Whatever it is, use that to tee off with. Don’t worry about your buddies laughing. Your mission on this round is to keep the ball in play.

So if you drive goes 195 yards you have 245 yards to the pin; but you’re in the fairway and not in the rough or in a stand of trees. What club now? Probably the same one you teed off with.

Hitting off the fairway instead of a tee will probably take something off the shot. Assume you ball goes 190 yards leaving you 55 yards to the hole. Now what?

Well if you have a wedge that you can trust go for it. If not, think about what you do have that you can play with confidence. Can you make a long pitch with an 8 iron? Use whatever you feel comfortable with, not what the manufacturers say you should use. If you can get that ball within 15 feet of the pin your chances of getting down in 2 are excellent.

Now you’ve played this hole using 3 clubs counting the putter. How many clubs does it usually take? Odds are you’ll be using these same three clubs on all the par 4s. Three clubs to master instead of 4 or 5. Do you see where I’m going with this?

By playing within your game you are taking out the penalty strokes, bad lies, and the need to master every club and trick shot in your bag. You’ve just made the game a whole lot simpler.

That’s the good news but there is bad news.

As I’m sure you’re aware, this is just a band aid not a permanent fix. While that first sub 90 score is going to be exciting, it really has done nothing to improve your basic skills. But you know that don’t you?

Your real game, your real golf potential, will not be realized until you learn to master the swing. You’ve got a good head on your shoulders and you know this “course management” strategy is not the same as a “real” sub 90 round and that’s why you will continue to hit bucket after bucket after bucket looking for that elusive perfect golf swing.

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