Coaching Drills For Basketball – Reduce Costly Turnovers With These Easy Drills

Coaching Drills For Basketball are a vital part of a coach’s repertoire. There are many drills that can improve your players overall skills if worked consistently and with purpose. Whether you are looking to lower turnovers, grab more rebounds, play better defense, or shoot better free throws, there are drills that can help you achieve those goals and turn them into strengths.

Here are some reasons why so MANY coaches rely heavily on drills to get serious results;

-Lower the amount of turnovers per game
-Learn to play lock down defense
-Shoot a better free throw percentage
-Shoot a better three point percentage
-Have superior conditioned players
-Learn to pass the ball accurately
-And many more

Here are simple coaching drills for basketball that can cut down the amount of turnovers your team commits almost immediately;


-Start by dribbling both balls from the baseline to the foul line, bouncing the balls simultaneously
-Continue to half court using a stagger dribble, where the balls bounce separately
-Then switch back to a simultaneous bounce to the next foul line
-And back to the staggered bounce to the baseline
-Repeat for 2-3 court lengths


-a simple drill that begins with the player standing shoulder width apart
-the player will then begin to slowly dribble the ball in a figure 8 around and through his or her legs
-the focus is on control, not speed
-work up to higher speeds when the control is mastered

These coaching drills for basketball can improve your players ball handling drills dramatically, and have your players taking better care of the basketball almost instantly, and only require a few minutes of practice time, making it both convenient and effective, which is every coach’s goal.

Coaching Drills For Basketball are an instrumental part of every coach’s repertoire. If you want to climb to the top of your league rankings, use coaching basketball drills to polish your players skills, and begin to reap the benefits almost immediately.

Doing these coaching drills for basketball consistently will reap large rewards for your team. There are many more drills that I recommend you check out, including some great insider tips and tricks from one of the most successful Division I coaches in the game today. Visit today to learn more.