Basketball shoes pioneer of technology

At the end of the 1990 s, “urban popular cool” this magazine will be the first time the Japanese street fashion magazines into China mainland area. What the most popular, from the first page of the open Air Jordan 13 introduction will know a little about it. One of the more give prize and Air Jordan 1-12 of the street clap, at that time, basketball shoes in Japan’s popularity in that a group of film and can be seen. Now in China the one city, standing in the street fill in 1 to 23 generation jordans people, I’m afraid I still not easy. Ten years on, the streets of Tokyo and the urban popular cool “which the style introduced than up, , the change of the respect is turned upside down, and the focus of the shoes is turned upside down. In the streets of Tokyo, almost invisible as New York that ubiquitous basketball court, also very rare to see a man dressed in the latest style of basketball shoes walking the streets of young people. Can say more than ten years, the Japanese basketball shoe culture as pencil light tracing is general, be a clean and light rubber-don’t forget, the next Michael Jordan times the return, once in Japan to have two games of the bulls of the regular season, and in recent years the NBA China held the are worlds apart. Just a pity, all drifting away.
Watershed was founded in 1997 Should say Japanese street popular vane of conversion of a sign in 1997. Before that around 1995, is the most adored young Japanese Hi-Tech wind period of time. Among them with Air Max 95 for the most. This pair of shoes debut 13 years has until recently because of Nike in promoting Air Max 90 to be temporarily stopped for a period of time, it should be said that 13 years, Air Max 95 before and after the mattress with palm Max for Nike earn enough money. The same period the status of the basketball shoes in the urban popular cool “was embodied in a glance, in addition to the Air Jordan has been very fire outside, Air Pippen, Air Penny a series of product, as long as the look of the high-tech flow, are generally stores will sell well some products, so at that time, Reebok, adidas have launched the latest technology, no matter whether the science and technology have a real innovation, the most important is to the appearance of science and technology is the feeling, this is to achieve the sales target of the necessary security.
Change is the 1997, we still take basketball shoes pioneer of technology, for example, Air Max 97 is Air Max 95 after a pair of most successful high-tech running shoes, indeed, this pair of shoes to now come to still holds the feeling of the future. The same period Air Jordan 13, Air Pippen 1 and Foamposite One almost will science and technology flows into a peak. Of course all this was supposed to be a step by step, but just 1997 was a watershed. Coincidentally, the year of the Asian financial crisis swept across Asia, including Japan.
Can’t say the Asian financial crisis to the influence of the Japanese street culture is so so, but just at this time, young Japanese shoes clothes for a 180 degree view. In, the boss of Atoms many times to Japan of the old one bring Dunk finally started chemical reaction, belong to the Japanese young people in a gathering place of harajuku “Dunk in” appeared, this pair of shoes, the emergence of represents another partial the life style of the rise of street culture, and just this culture is the Asian people create street culture.
For reasons known to all, the influence of the Japanese by the United States is very big, this kind of influence and even become the Japanese national culture of a kind of brand, and many times for the culture of the Japanese people to accept is used to things, so in many times exchanges, they in such things as drinking water is basically when eating it, is not what a screening nasty things. So basically, 1997 years ago, young Japanese for American culture, especially shoes so of thing almost to the net. Almost every brand of each product line in Japan have all of the sales volume, as long as the brand and the NBA hang up some relationship, magazine will have specific introduction, and thus the NBA, Fila such brand also once in Japan on the trend of the magazine’s so a little face.
By 1997, this situation to slowly changed. Nike basketball shoe culture suddenly stopped, but Japan’s harajuku area in, the young man of the region gathered began combined with the shoe culture to create their own shoes culture career. This is the “Dunk in” appears big background, restore ancient ways to spread the mammoth shoes from then on the story. Originally is the popular what, what Japanese pop, but at this time, change, could America is popular, but not popular in Japan, and other times in the United States used to be popular, but Japan begins popularity. Dunk made in Japan, and began to appear many Japanese don’t note after, but is a lot of American young people noticed that, no matter how, in this culture, Japan again “attack” one.
“Basketball” no longer reflect individual characterï¼�Time today, all this what kind of? 1997 years later for a period of time, this belongs to the Japanese self awareness street culture gradually began to popular up, in fact, from 1997 in 2008 to years of this period of time, in addition to the trend of the American street shoes,the clothes on the change of some localization outside, from the western popular items, and depth to reform, emphasize the design feeling, simple sense of Japanese independent brand also in gradually development up, such as once super popular Bape is one example, whether clothing styles or the style of the design, with the hip-hop culture, military culture has the close relation, but happened to join the Asian exquisite production and design, let Japan has been walking in front of the Asian street culture.

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