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Fishing: Enjoy the View and the Fishes When You Go Sitka Alaska Fishing

When it comes to fishing spots, nothing could really beat the catches that you could get in Sitka Alaska. Anyone who has been there for a fishing trip would surely think that it is the best place to go fishing in the whole world. Most of the experienced sports fishermen even consider the area as the best place to get their prize fishes. If you really want to have a good time, you might want to spend your weekend Sitka Alaska fishing.
When you go fishing in Sitka, there are many sorts of fish that you would be able to catch. Some of the fishes here are also common to other areas of the world, but …

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Blue Marlin Fishing in Guatemala

Long established as the premier destination for Sailfish, Guatemala is fast building a reputation also for Blue Marlin.
The same deep blue water that attracts and holds bait in vast quantities, also attracts predators – and as you move up that food chain, in the end you get to one of the most efficient predators in the oceans – the Blue Marlin.
The productive waters already hold records for numbers of billfish – including most in a day on conventional (124) and on the fly (57)….as well as most in a season. The same factors that attract such numbers of Sailfish also contribute to the catch rates of Blue Marlin interspersed with Black Marlin at times.
The fishery …

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Carp Fishing in the United States

Carp fishing in the United States is a growing sport. The fish, previously scorned by bass fisherman as “trash fish” are gaining popularity and reputation as more information is produced by organizations such as the American Carp Society and the CAG. Carp have a reputation as one of the fiercest freshwater fighters offering a challenge to the best of anglers. Though once known as bottom feeders it is now known that carp each much of the same diet as trout and bass.
Primarily carp fishing is a catch and release sport. As carp have a very long lifespan they are prone for soaking up any toxins in the water in which they grow. If however the …

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My introduction to fishing

I love to mountain bike and camp. I have a 26 foot toy hauler camper, which is my version of camping, flat screen TV, fridge and shower. These two activities put me quite often in the same vicinity of fishing. I did not see the attraction, why would I want to sit on the side of a lake with a Lamiglas fishing rod when I could be on my bike.
One day I decided to see what this fishing hype was all about, so I decided to get a fishing rod. I found a place that has a huge selection of Lamiglas rods. Who would have thought that there could be so many? Lamiglas is the …

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