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A Practical Set of Tips for Selecting Horse Riding Helmets

Many believe that horse riding helmets are among the most important pieces of riding equipment that an enthusiast can have. However a helmet only really works properly when certain guidelines are followed.
First of all, a helmet is not just a fashion statement. When purchasing a helmet, make sure that its design has been certified by the ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials) or that it holds approval from both ASTM and the SEI (Safety Equipment Institute). It will be worth getting a certified helmet over a more stylish or cheaper uncertified helmet if an accident actually occurs.
Second, more expensive does not always mean more protected. Equipment testers often assess using a pass or fail …

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Horseback Riding Basics For Beginner

Understand horseback riding basics are important to ensure your safety and reduce risk when you are starting to learn how to ride a horse. Here you will discover horseback riding basics that every beginner should know. It will cover the subject on:
1. how to choose the perfect horse for you 2. ways to control yourself and 3. Suitable environment to ride a horse.
So, what are horseback riding basics? Read on.
Horseback riding basics -tip no 1: Which Horse Should You Choose?
If you re considering getting into horseback riding, choose the right horse is crucial. Choose an experienced horse is must. In fact, it is one of the horseback riding basics you should master .The horse must …

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