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Best Hockey Players of All Time – Top 20 Greatest NHL Players Counted Down

Compiling a list of the best hockey players of all time is sure to stir up some healthy debate. The game has changed so much over the past century that comparing players who starred in different eras is very difficult. Would Gretzky have eclipsed the 200 point plateau if he hadn’t played in the free-wheeling 80s? What sort of numbers would Bobby Orr have put up if he hadn’t been playing on two bad knees throughout his brief career? These are just a couple of the questions that plague hockey historians as they try to rank the greatest NHL players.
Before I begin my countdown I want to preface it by stating that this list will …

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Ice Hockey Training – How to Be the Best

How does a hockey player nowadays make the NHL (National Hockey League)? This is a very important question as hockey players are entering the NHL at such a young age in this 21st century. In other words, how does a hockey player rise above the rest? The answer is actually quite simple.
The better hockey player:
Learns fasterTrains smarterImproves tremendously each yearTrains to improve as quick as he canIs more competitive and wants to win more than anyone elseLoves the game and is willing to do what it takes to be great Studies the best players in the world Is exposed to proper training equipmentIs passionate about the game and continually wants to learn more
These are only …

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