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Best Inflatable Kayaks – The Top Five

Inflatable kayaks have come a very long way over the years as far as construction and performance are concerned. They are no longer considered rubber dinghies. In fact they are actually considered to be some of the safest boats in the world. Using an inflatable kayak is exhilarating. Transport them in the trunk of your car to any destination, inflate it within minutes and enjoy a fun-filled day of paddling on the water. If you have considered using one of these great watercrafts then you are probably wondering which are the best inflatable kayaks to use.
There is a lot of choice of different makes and models of inflatable kayaks. They will differ by size, weight, …

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Basic Kayaking Skills For The Beginner

Kayaking skills are primarily based upon the technique and how you approach the specific task within the activity. Some of these include the flip or roll over once you have capsized, and even holding the paddle in the correct fashion.
Starting off with the paddle holding technique, one will realize that this is one of the most vital skills, as the paddle is essentially your propelling and guiding tool once out there in the water. The kayak paddle differs from a canoe paddle, as it has 2 blades attached compared to the canoe paddle only having one. In developing the necessary kayaking skills, the paddle must be held correctly so that the most power can be …

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