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Jumping Exercises To Increase Vertical Jump by 10 inches

I have been playing basketball since the age of five. I love the game of basketball and everything that goes with it. I played high school and some college basketball and still play recreationally. I have two younger brothers that are still in high school playing for the varsity team. I was always pretty good but there was one part of my game that probably never changed much. It was my jumping ability and able to dunk the ball well.
Improving your vertical jump could be one of the hardest things to increase. It takes a lot of discipline and training to improve it a lot. I wanted an easier way to improving jumping skills in …

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Handball Day 1 Preview: China takes on powerhouse Norway

(BEIJING, August 8) — France and Angola are the first two teams to enter the field of play at the Olympic Sports Center Gymnasium and the home crowd will be eager to see China taking on European powerhouse Norway in the evening as the Women’s Handball competition at the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games starts on Saturday, August 9.
Here is an overview of the contenders in Saturday’s prelims:
A fourth place at the Athens 2004 Olympic Games is the best Olympic result for France so far. Angola came ninth in Athens. Their best Olympic result to date came at the Atlanta 1996 Olympic Games when they finished seventh.
It’s the third consecutive appearance for the French …

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The Olympics – Origin

The aura that surrounds the single greatest physical competition the world knows is one that has it’s origins springing from Greek mythology. There are numerous legends that attribute the original games to different larger than life characters but the most popular one has Heracles (or Hercules) as the son of Zeus creating the Olympics as a tribute to his father. There is some dispute as to the date of the very first games but the most commonly accepted date is 776 BCE when the games were held in Olympia.
In line with the idea that they were a tribute to the god Zeus the games originally were more religious in nature and included sacrifices made to …

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Men’s Football Day 1 Preview: Top teams begin their Olympic campaign

The Men’s Football tournament of Beijing 2008 will kick off on August 7.
In the curtain-raising match, Group A team Australia will take on Serbia. The match is also Serbia’s first Olympic appearance as an independent nation since the break-up of the former Yugoslavia. Yugoslavia’s best Olympic result was at Los Angeles 1984 when it claimed a bronze medal.
The other Group A match will be between Argentina and Côte d’Ivoire. Argentina has won six consecutive FIFA World Youth Championship titles, including the most recent one in Canada in 2007. The defending gold medalist is poised to add another medal to its collection. With Sergio Aguero, Lionel Messi and …

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Olympic Results – Everything You Need to Know

By S Millson
The 2008 Beijing Olympics are right around the corner. With all the buzz around the Olympic games, the big question remains where can you find up-to-the-date Olympic results?  If you’re an avid sports fan like myself, you don’t want to miss one moment of the action that is about to happen in Beijing. The Beijing National Stadium, which was recently nicknamed the Birds Nest because of its structure is the center piece of the Olympic games. The stadium has a seating capacity of 80,000 people and will be the site of the opening ceremonies, soccer finals, many athletic events, and finally the closing ceremonies.
The Chinese have completely renovated and expanded its subway system …

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Watch the Beijing Olympics Online

By Leo Macabeo
Is it likely to watch the 2008 Beijing Olympics for free online? In reality, the answer is no. But you can watch all the events online at approximately zero cost that is equivalent to “free” if you deem procuring a software as a long term investment. With barely 3 weeks left, the 2008 Beijing Olympics will officially kick off in Beijing, Republic of China from August 8 to august 24 2008, followed by the 2008 Summer Paralympics from September 6 to September 17. To all sports aficionados, the Games of the XXIX Olympiad is considered the most anticipated sporting event of the year and I, for one, will want to watch this historic …

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