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Choose The Right Tennis Equipments

Tennis is one of the most entertaining games. Whether you are an ardent tennis lover and want to be the next tennis champion or a beginner, selecting the right tennis equipments can be a great investment. It can prove to be advantageous for your game.
There are a number of things that you may need to purchase for your tennis tournament or practice. Racquet is one of the essential tennis equipments that need to be bought. Choosing the right racquet is very essential. If you want to become a successful tennis champ, you need to buy the correct racquet. There are some useful tips for the people who want to take this sport seriously. You can …

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Tennis: 4 Things To Consider Before Buying Your Tennis Shoes

Imagine playing a game of tennis and having to limp around because of a case of bad shoes. It is pathetic to be wearing the wrong kind of shoes while playing such a strenuous game. After all tennis requires you to run around the big grass and clay courts, hitting forehands and backhands with equal finesse. Consequently, tennis shoes should always be such that you have the least tension regarding your feet while concentrating on the game and thinking about how to give your best shots. Tennis shoes are in fact a generic name for all kinds of athletic shoes. It is necessary to have a good pair of shoes irrespective of the game you …

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Tennis: Choosing The Right Tennis Racquet

Whether you are a beginner or have been playing tennis for several years now, it is always important to find the right racquet. Naturally, you will want to choose one that will help improve your chances of winning.
But choosing the right tennis racquet can be quite an intimidating task – especially now with the proliferation of tennis racquets in different weight, form and look.
So how do you choose which one is right for you? Should you purchase an ultra-light racquet? Or is your game better suited to a heavier model? Here is a simple guide to help simplify your task of choosing that perfect tennis racquet.
When shopping for the right tennis racquet, the first thing …

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Service is the opening gun of tennis. It’s putting the ball in play. The old idea was that service should never be more than merely the beginning of a rally. With the rise of American tennis and the advent of Dwight Davis and Holcombe Ward, service took on a new significance. These two men originated what is now called the American Twist delivery.
From a mere formality, service became a point winner. Slowly it gained in importance, until Maurice E. M’Loughlin, the wonderful “California Comet,” burst across the tennis sky with the first of those terrific cannon-ball deliveries that revolutionized the game, and caused the old-school players to send out hurry calls for a severe footfault …

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6 Tennis Ball Machine Practice Drills

Here are some ideas for utilizing your tennis ball machine in your practice sessions. Before we get into details of the drills though, a word of caution: make sure you’re reinforcing good technique, not bad! To help with this you may want to:
* work with a coach or friend who’s at least as good as you
* consider video-taping your session – you may spot things as an observer that you can’t as a player
Practice Drill 1
Fire ball after ball to the same position on court, to allow you to really groove a particular shot. Bye bye, dodgy backhand. You can do this for just about any shot: ground-strokes, half-volleys, volleys, overheads, return of serve, etc.
Practice …

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Table Tennis: A Physical Game Than A Brain Game

Table tennis is a modified lawn tennis. As a lawn tennis modification, to play ping pong is to play in a reduced and limited court area. But being a modification does not only entail reduction adjustments. There is also a condition of increase. In the case of Ping pong, its limited space pressed an increase in the tactfulness and thinking of its players. Aside from this remarkable feature, ping pong is a sport that is easy to set up and isn’t too picky with regards to physical qualifications.
A table tennis player once told me, “Playing ping pong is like playing lawn tennis while reading a newspaper”. It is like moving your body while moving your …

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Easy strength training exercise may help treat tennis elbow

People with pain in the elbow or forearm from playing sports or just from common everyday activities, might be able to use a simple bar and strengthening exercise to alleviate pain, say researchers who are presenting their study results at the American Orthopaedic Society for Sports Medicine’s Annual Meeting in Keystone, Colorado, July 9th-12th.
Tennis elbow or lateral epicondylitis is a common condition effecting nearly three percent of the general population, not just those who play tennis.
“Our study illustrated that a novel exercise, using an inexpensive rubber bar, may provide a practical and effective means of adding isolated wrist strengthening exercises to a treatment plan,” said lead author Timothy F. Tyler, PT, ATC, Clinical Research Associate, …

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Being Good In Tennis Is Easy

Tennis trainers are also once a beginner in the tennis world.
They trained hard, work hard, and study hard to be called as a professional tennis teachers. Tennis teachers are highly trained professionals who took up rigorous trainings and courses to be labeled as teachers or guru. In other words, hiring a tennis teacher is one step closer to achieving your goal to become a pro tennis player. Here are some helpful points on finding a good tennis teacher: You can find and hire a private tennis teacher and bring him / her to your private tennis court. The payment for hiring a tennis instructor depends on how well and experienced is the instructor that you …

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Conventional Versus The Modern Way Of Learning Table Tennis

Everything in this world is changing day by day. The changes that have taken place are the ways that are translated into such beautiful wonders which you wouldn’t have imagined at all a decade ago. Nowadays the computer based trainings known as the CBT are into fashion. People are following CBT more than any other training methods. The conventional ways of learning and also acquiring skills is no more followed and it is replaced by the computer based training. It is very amazing how the latest technologies have made things simpler and easier for us.
The world of sports is not an untouched vertical. There are a lot of table tennis instructional videos and also Ping …

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Has American Tennis Become too Soft?

It may not be too soon to panic.
Four Americans secured spots in the year-end top 10 — Venus and Serena Williams, Andy Roddick and James Blake — and the sizzling sisters have won the last three Slam titles, so there’s little reason for U.S. fans to mope and moan when thinking about what is to come for the rest of ’09.
But by the time the new decade rolls around, there may be good reason to panic. In ’08, America ended the year in a curious position — with only eight men and five women in the top 100. More significantly, only two top-50 players — 21-year-old Sam Querrey and 24-year-old Bethanie Mattek — are under …

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Mental Game of Tennis: Don’t Compare Your Tennis Ranking to Opponent’s

After working with several junior tennis players on their mental game, I’ve noticed that players limit their success when they focus on opponent rankings or tournament seeding. As you might already know, comparing your tennis skills to an opponent is a mental game no-no in my book.
When you make comparisons to your opponents, you are essentially saying to yourself that they are better than you! When you look at the draws to find out who you are playing, do you focus on seeding or player ranking?
What’s the mental game of tennis danger in comparing your ranking to your opponents’ ranking? You make too many assumptions (or generalizations) about who should win and who should lose …

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