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Strength and Conditioning for Wrestling

Here are the top 4 strength and conditioning for wrestling rules I’ve put together through my years of experience training wrestlers of all different levels.
1. Focus on developing large muscle groups (legs, glutes, back, chest, shoulders) with multi-joint exercises. What I mean by this is don’t use leg extensions, leg curls, and worse yet, the “butt blaster” machine to strengthen your lower body. Instead do squats, front squats, hack or power squats, lunges, good mornings, and various deadlifts to add solid pounds of muscle and brute strength to your legs and back. Not only is this a more efficient way to do things, it’s also more functional. When competing, the body moves as a coordinated …

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Wrestling: Do Isometrics Help Wrestlers?

What benefits if any are isometric exercise to wrestlers? Isometrics are not the only strength exercise wrestlers should use but it is an excellent supplemental exercise. A lot of the holds wrestlers use is actually isometric in nature so doing these exercises would actually help.
One of the ways to take advantage of isometrics is while working out with weights you can do an isometric movement between sets. Say you are doing a bench press, after a set you could place your hands together in front of you and force them into each other squeezing the chest. If you feel the lower position of your bench press is weak, after a set stand close to and …

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Wrestling: Top 5 Strength Training Mistakes Made By Wrestlers

1. Strictly Training The Mirror Muscles
All too often wrestlers come to me with big chests, shoulders, biceps, and six pack abs. With such an impressive figure you’d expect them to be strong, but I couldn’t tell you how many wrestlers come to me that can’t perform more than a couple chinups. Wrestling is often said to be a sport of pulling, wouldn’t it make sense to develop the pulling muscles? Similarly, almost every wrestler that comes to train with me has weak hamstrings and glutes. These muscles are responsible for hip extension and are therefore hugely important in sprawling, lifting an opponent, finishing shots, throwing your opponent, and shooting on an opponent’s legs. A lot …

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Grip Training for Wrestlers

How many of you have been involved in a match in which you have been completely overwhelmed by your opponents grip strength? It slows down your attacks, physically and mentally wears you down, and oftentimes is the determining factor of who will win a close match. I have yet to coach a wrestler who enjoys the grip training we do. However, it is a necessary evil that must be trained with consistency and intensity in order to make a noticeable impact. I can guarantee you though, if you train your grip like an animal you will wear your opponents down quicker, finish more of your shots, get off the bottom more, and ride more effectively …

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