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Youth Basketball: Teach Individual Basics Before Teaching The Team Game

Most experienced coaches usually have a starting point planned for their early season practices. They generally know what they want to work on, how long to work on it and when they will begin to work on the team aspects of putting everything together.
Novice or less experienced coaches may have some real issues in getting started and in knowing what to teach, how to teach something, and when to teach different things. This is especially true when it comes to knowing when to begin working on the team aspects of offense and defense.
The individual fundamental aspects of learning basic skills and honing these skills must come before working on team aspects. Players must know how …

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Basketball: How to Become a Basketball Point Guard

In basketball, point guard is known as the “Floor General” or “Coach of the Court.” An effective point guard is essential to the success of the team based on their influence on the offense and defense. This article focuses on the skills and attributes you should possess to be an effective point guard .
The point guard is responsible for handling the ball and get the team in position to score. This involves a lot of leakage, the capture and transmission. It is important that a point guard have strong skills with both hands – the objective is to have the ball be an extension of your hand .
pass offense SKILLS
The functions based on good …

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Final Four Tickets

Basketball lovers, are you up for the season’s BIGGEST sports event? Yes, the count down for NCAA Men’s basketball Final Four has begun! The square root March is going to host the most arduous and toughest championship called NCAA Men’s Basketball Final Four Tournament. Every March, the NCAA Selection Committee selects 65 college basketball teams to show the best in the tournament.
Bursting at the seams with such shades of sport as anticipation, aggression, energy, excitement, and spirit, the event is often called March Madness. In the March Madness, the NCAA college basketball teams compete against each other to take home the tournament’s biggest prize, the NCAA trophy. But, who’s going to walk away with the …

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Basketball: Next five years, the league executive who become the leader?

Kobe, Obama referred to  cheap coach handbags as the Earth was the best basketball player, of course, Obama is not a basketball expert, his words are more for political service, but can not be denied that only from a technical point of Kobe will be in five years is still irresistible. Perfectly technology, persistent attitude created an era of the strong. Although the 96 generation started to fall, but we still think Kobe will be infinitely close to God, still possess the strength of the ruling coalition of five years.
Wade, who only five centimeters short of God, 03 generation of the most powerful scorer and has the quality of perseverance and indomitable perseverance, he has …

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Girls Basketball – Benefits of Playing Basketball at a Junior College

Most girls basketball players aspire to play for well known Division 1 womens college basketball programs like Tennessee, Connecticut, Rutgers, or North Carolina. But what if for some reason you are not able to start out at those schools. Is there an option for you? Yes there is.
Now what exactly is a junior college or community college?
According to, in the United States, a junior college (informally, a juco) is a two-year post-secondary school whose main purpose is to provide academic, vocational and professional education. The highest certificate offered by such schools is usually an associate’s degree, although many junior college students continue their education at a university or college, transferring some or all of …

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NBA goes overseas

According to league commissioner David Stern; there are new plans for the upcoming regular NBA games as these could be played overseas.
The sport’s interest has been increasing internationally, therefore, in an effort to support its current popularity an exhibition game will be played this Wednesday in London. This is certainly a nice opportunity for the British fans to presence live basketball action; the teams which will be present are the Boston Celtics and the Minnesota Timberwolves.
The show will be the first visit of the NBA in London in 12 years. “We’ve played in Istanbul, Rome and now London … They’ve been overwhelming successes,” Stern said.
The 12-day pre-season tour includes seven games in six different cities. …

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Basketball Drills Secrets Of The Zone

Writer Glen C. Brown author of `Secrets Of The Zone Press` writes from this extraordinary coaching and basketball skilled book.
`In the writing of a text on a coaching system for a major competitive sport, the author is immediately under suspicion that he has withheld his own `secret formula` for success.
So a coach, player or basketball fan who takes a serious interest in the game that was originated and has been perfected in the United States may greet this volume with some trepidation.
Such was my first reaction when asked by Glenn Brown to write an introduction to this volume on the art of basketball coaching.
This man has been a prep and college player, head coach of …

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