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The Olympics – Origin

The aura that surrounds the single greatest physical competition the world knows is one that has it’s origins springing from Greek mythology. There are numerous legends that attribute the original games to different larger than life characters but the most popular one has Heracles (or Hercules) as the son of Zeus creating the Olympics as a tribute to his father. There is some dispute as to the date of the very first games but the most commonly accepted date is 776 BCE when the games were held in Olympia.
In line with the idea that they were a tribute to the god Zeus the games originally were more religious in nature and included sacrifices made to …

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Cheerleading Competitions Are Entering The Big Sport League

You may have noticed that more and more cheer competition fixtures are being shown on television with certain squads and even individual cheerleading personalities becoming nationally known figures.
The underlying reason for the high exposure of cheer competitions is the interest of business in sponsoring these events through publicity and great cash prizes. They are aware that the public loves to attend cheerleading competitions and events where cheer squads perform. That means fabulous exposure for sponsors’ products and messages.
Big business has been persuaded that cheerleading is a major sport, qualifying for sponsorship and support like any other sporting pursuit. The hint (some would say the taint) of cheerleading is the prevalence of professionalism in what …

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