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Cross Country Skiing – An Introduction

Considered to be one of the best aerobic exercises, cross country skiing is also called Nordic skiing or XC skiing. It involves the simultaneous use of ones arms and legs and making use of skiing equipment like boots, skis and poles.
Cross country skiing, finds its origins in Scandinavia and is over 4000 years old. It used to be the sole method of transportation for these snow and ice-bound regions. Today, cross country skiing has come a long way from being a mode of transportation to a major competitive sport, played at the Olympic level.
Did you know that a third of all medals are awarded for Cross Country Skiing and other Nordic sports? Nordic sports include …

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Cross Country Ski Introduction

Cross-country skiing is a fun way to take in the beautiful back-country trails in winter with your family.
What It Is and Where You Can Do It
I relish winter snow blanketing the landscape. Luckily, I’ve found a sport that allows me to get exercise and travel on skis without skiing downhill at a resort with lift lines. There exist downhill ski resorts that have a separate area of trails for Nordic skiers. The term “Nordic” covers not only cross-country, but telemark and ski jumping.
These are trails that are usually groomed creating a flat, grooved surface. The pattern will usually appear like giant corduroy fabric. The advantage of a groomed trail is that you will glide …

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