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6 Tennis Ball Machine Practice Drills

Here are some ideas for utilizing your tennis ball machine in your practice sessions. Before we get into details of the drills though, a word of caution: make sure you’re reinforcing good technique, not bad! To help with this you may want to:
* work with a coach or friend who’s at least as good as you
* consider video-taping your session – you may spot things as an observer that you can’t as a player
Practice Drill 1
Fire ball after ball to the same position on court, to allow you to really groove a particular shot. Bye bye, dodgy backhand. You can do this for just about any shot: ground-strokes, half-volleys, volleys, overheads, return of serve, etc.
Practice …

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Basketball Drills Secrets Of The Zone

Writer Glen C. Brown author of `Secrets Of The Zone Press` writes from this extraordinary coaching and basketball skilled book.
`In the writing of a text on a coaching system for a major competitive sport, the author is immediately under suspicion that he has withheld his own `secret formula` for success.
So a coach, player or basketball fan who takes a serious interest in the game that was originated and has been perfected in the United States may greet this volume with some trepidation.
Such was my first reaction when asked by Glenn Brown to write an introduction to this volume on the art of basketball coaching.
This man has been a prep and college player, head coach of …

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