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Energy Drinks – Use With Caution

We’ve all heard the bad stories at one point or another about energy drinks. At first they don’t seem to be that credible or that important but in time the stories grow and with that so should our concern.
Health risks involving these products are not completely groundless. We have heard that they can damage your heart, we have heard that they can dehydrate you but most people have not heard why they do these things or how much truth is behind the gossip. The fact is that energy drinks are rarely portrayed as a “healthy drink” but they do not impact your health in a negative way if you enjoy them only once in a …

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Study: Sports drink consumption can cause tooth erosion

While sipping on sports drinks all day may provide an energy boost, this popular practice is also exposing people to levels of acid that can cause tooth erosion and hypersensitivity, NYU dental researchers have found.
In a recent study, the researchers found that prolonged consumption of sports drinks may be linked to a condition known as erosive tooth wear, in which acids eat away the tooth’s smooth hard enamel coating and trickle into the bonelike material underneath, causing the tooth to soften and weaken. The condition affects one in 15 Americans and can result in severe tooth damage and even tooth loss if left untreated.
“This is the first time that the citric acid in sports drinks …

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