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What is on a Typical Golf Course?

There are many reasons to take up golf. It is a hugely user-friendly sport which can be played by everybody. It is no longer the game of the elite, with only the gentry turning up ahead of breakfast to take part in a quick 18. Today there are courses provided by regional governments that do not require you to shell out ridiculous fees, just a small fee each time you play a round.
An additional reason is that the equipment required to play golf has become much more inexpensive. Sure, there are still professional quality clubs, balls and shoes which sell for professional money, but there is now a vast selection of products aimed at the …

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Golf Tips From the Pros

When weekend golfers watch the pros hit unbelievable shots their amazed. The typical reaction is often “How do they do that?” It’s not magic. It’s solid fundamentals, plus hours and hours of practice and constant attention to their swings. Or course, the fact that most of the pros have been honing their swings since they were kids doesn’t hurt either.
Weekend golfers can learn a lot by studying the pros. They just need to look closely. Below we describe some golf tips derived from watching various players over the years. These mini golf lessons may not help you hit the long, straight drives, towering long irons, and delicate wedge shots the pros do. But they will …

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