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The Ultimate Golf Fitness Review

You are how you feel! If you feel weak, harsh otherwise done in your mental outlook is bleak. Golfers need to remuneration added attention to the mind/body link if they need to get a better golf game.
Golf Pros have worked with players of all skill and fitness levels and they can acquaint with you a large amount of them allow a very poor harmful image of themselves. This isn’t exactly above what is the usual handicappers either. I’m talking pulling out golfers who are round and all they think that in the mirror is the “fat guy”, not improved golfer.
It doesn’t allow them to play better golf. Golfers need to take …

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2009 US Open | Tiger Woods Latest News

After seeing Tiger Woods limp around the press area following his amazing (at least as far as the adoring press was concerned) victory at the U.S. Open last year and then hearing his subsequent announcement that he would be going on the shelf for six months, many wondered when the worlds greatest golfer would return to form.
Certainly he would need time to find his swing again, to get back in tournament shape, while his peers took the opportunity to make up even the slightest distance on the man with 14 major championship trophies.
Maybe the second half of 2008 and all of 2009 would give Phil Mickelson and his fellow top-10 players a chance to make …

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A Great Golf Book on Perfecting Your Swing

What golfer doesn’t own at least one golf book? None that I know of. My dad plays golf and has at least five different golf books, and is always looking for another one for one reason or another. Why have so many golf books though? You probably only ever use one or two of them, or maybe it took buying all those books to get the complete amount of information you were looking for because you couldn’t find one single book that worked for you. What if you could find that one golf book that would give you all the tips you would ever need to perfect your golf swing? You wouldn’t buy any more …

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Golf – Enjoy It To The Full

If you play golf it should be for enjoyment. I know there is the challenge also but ultimately you should be able to enjoy the game, and to enjoy your golf you have to be match fit.
If your game is not what it should be, perhaps you are not as fit for the game as you should be. Maybe your problems are age related, or maybe you just suffer from stiffness and/or lower back pain, or any other condition which doesn’t allow you to make that rip roaring swing.
Whatever the reason, you are not making the ball go as far as you would like. To be able to give the swing everything you have got, …

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Understanding the benefit of biomechanics in Golf

Biomechanics and Golf
There is information available widely through the web, PGA courses and magazine articles that brings you up to date with the latest thinking in golf.  They teach you the latest on how to swing each club correctly, how to putt, how to analyse your swing, how to get  mentally ‘tough’, how to improve flexibility and how to fitter and stronger for golf.
Today there is a plethora of information being offered about golf. Some of it correct, all of it interesting, but how much of it is relevant to you?  And how do you know which of these generic exercise tips is going to help you? Even if you trained using each one for …

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Golf Flexibility Tests – Compare Your Flexibility To A Top Golfer

Here are some simple golf flexibility tests you can do to see if your current flexibility is hurting your golf game or not. And the first golf flexibility test is the sit-and-reach test. This test is basically an assessment of the flexibility of your lower back and hamstrings, but it can also be a good gauge of your general flexibility. To complete this test you need a box and a ruler. And it’s a good idea to have someone help you with this test.
First of all warm up thoroughly and then sit with your feet placed fully extended out in front of you onto the box. Keep your legs straight and reach as far forward …

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