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Why Can’t MLB Be More Like the NBA?

Baseball net fans know I am a traditionalist who has been against inter-league play and wild card teams. But hold the presses, baseball net! I’m now going to advocate that baseball be MORE like another sport.
In my wildest baseball net fantasies, I envision MLB Commissioner Bud Selig morphing into NBA Commissioner David Stern and pushing for an NBA-modeled salary cap. Baseball net fans realize that the players’ union will only support a salary cap when pigs fly, but if sweetened with some Stern-inspired incentives, they may be spouting wings sooner than we think.
Baseball net knows that MLB’s biggest problem is its lack of a level economic playing ground. Medium and small-market teams (e.g.,the Florida Marlins, …

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MLB – Manny Ramirez Agreed To a $45 Million Deal with the Dodgers

The Dominican baseball player of 36 years-old, Manny Ramirez, is back with the Los Angeles Dodgers, after signing an agreement on Wednesday for a two-year contract that it is worth $45 million; Manny will receive $25 million for the 2009 season and $20 million for the 2010 season. At the beginning, the Dodgers where offering him $42 million, but Ramirez’s agent Scott Boras managed to increase it to $43.5 million.
Ramirez declined several proposals from the Los Angeles team before accepting this one. The team had the goal of acquiring the player since he helped them to reach the National League Championship Series last season and with Ramirez’s comeback, the idea is to maintain the rhythm …

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Understanding Trades in the Majors

Understanding the trades in the majors can be one of the most important parts of understanding the game. Unfortunately, it’s not as simple as one might would hope.
First, it’s important to understanding the very beginning of how transactions in MLB operate. This occurs when amateurs sign their first contract and a lot regarding how things progress depends on certain factors regarding that first contract signing. For example, if an amateur is at least 19 years old then he is given three years in the minors and after that he has to moved on up to the roster. If however, the player is under the age of 19 then he is given an extra ‘inning’ in …

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