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Wilson evolution basketball – Evolution basketball

Basketball has become a very well-loved internationally. Starting out just from the United States, with the invention of the sport by Dr. James Naismith, the game of basketball has become a very endeared in the so-called “land of the free”. With pioneers spearheading the exposure of basketball to the whole nation, the sport has become commercialized in the form of the very first professional basketball league in the world, which is the National Basketball Association or the NBA.
The NBA eventually turned out to be a national success and the sport of basketball has never been the same again. The whole country fell in love with the sport along with the great players of the game, …

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Why Can’t MLB Be More Like the NBA?

Baseball net fans know I am a traditionalist who has been against inter-league play and wild card teams. But hold the presses, baseball net! I’m now going to advocate that baseball be MORE like another sport.
In my wildest baseball net fantasies, I envision MLB Commissioner Bud Selig morphing into NBA Commissioner David Stern and pushing for an NBA-modeled salary cap. Baseball net fans realize that the players’ union will only support a salary cap when pigs fly, but if sweetened with some Stern-inspired incentives, they may be spouting wings sooner than we think.
Baseball net knows that MLB’s biggest problem is its lack of a level economic playing ground. Medium and small-market teams (e.g.,the Florida Marlins, …

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Lakers vs Nuggets – NBA Western Conference Finals

The Utah Jazz fell apart in the last two months of the NBA season and provided little challenge to the Los Angeles Lakers, giving fans and the media no real indication of where the Lakers stood in terms of championship preparedness. The NBA Odds makers will undoubtedly be shading towards the Lakers as always with the fan favorites, but if the Rockets game was any indicator of the Lakers true championship spirit, then sportsbooks should be on alert.
The Houston Rockets, already playing without Tracy McGrady, lost All-Star Yao Ming and defensive force Dikembe Mutombo, and looked to be another easy win for the Kobe Bryant and the Lakers. But a funny thing happened. The Rockets …

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NBA goes overseas

According to league commissioner David Stern; there are new plans for the upcoming regular NBA games as these could be played overseas.
The sport’s interest has been increasing internationally, therefore, in an effort to support its current popularity an exhibition game will be played this Wednesday in London. This is certainly a nice opportunity for the British fans to presence live basketball action; the teams which will be present are the Boston Celtics and the Minnesota Timberwolves.
The show will be the first visit of the NBA in London in 12 years. “We’ve played in Istanbul, Rome and now London … They’ve been overwhelming successes,” Stern said.
The 12-day pre-season tour includes seven games in six different cities. …

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