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2009 NFL Sleeper Picks & Predictions

With the beginning of training camps for all 30 of pro football’s squads in full throttle and the beginning of the exhibition schedule closing in it’s time to predict a few potential surprises for the upcoming year. Each season a couple of squads come forth from the rest to surpass the predictions of the experts. Last year the prime illustrations were the Arizona Cardinals and the Atlanta Falcons. Who is going to frame themselves as the sleeper teams of 2009? The views will vary as common but the one that matters in this article is the author’s so here we go.
1. Buffalo Bills: The Bills have all the makings of an exciting offense. Not only …

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Dolphins get star power with entry of Anthony as minority owner

The incoming National Football League (NFL) season in October is getting more exciting this early for Miami Dolphins fans. This developed after New Miami Dolphins owner Stephen Ross enlisted popular singer Marc Anthony as the new minority owner of the Miami , Florida based NFL team. The entry of Anthony into the Dolphins further strengthened the star power of the NFL team which already has Singer Gloria Estefan and her husband, producer Emilio Estefan in its fold. Of course aside from Anthony, Hollywood actress Jennifer Lopez his wife will also take an active role for the Dolphins in support of his equally popular husband. Anthony said he decided to become the owner of Dolphins since …

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2009 San Diego Chargers Fantasy Football Preview

2008 represented a up and down year for the San Diego Chargers. The team started horribly then somehow rebounded to finish 8-8 and managed to steal the AFC West from the Denver Broncos by beating them 52-21 on the final week of the regular season. The Bolts then defeated Indianapolis 23-17 in the Wildcard round before finally bowing to the eventual Super Bowl Champion Pittsburg Steelers 35-24 in the Divisional Playoff. The year saw QB Phillip Rivers emerge as one of the NFL’s elite and also witnessed the first sign that LaDanian Tomlinson may be on the decline. What kind of options do the 2009 Chargers provide fantasy owners? I now offer my thoughts on …

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The Support for NFL Football

Regardless of what team you follow in the NFL, all fans have one thing in common – the love of the sport. American Football and the NFL in particular is known and loved throughout America, and the world. With the love of NFL football comes the pleasure of having your team and fellow fans unite to enjoy the sport, the atmosphere and the feeling of being a part of a massive following.
We all support our teams in various ways, and we all enjoy NFL football to differing levels, but regardless of this we all still love to show our support for our team and announcing it to friends and family. We get the opportunity to …

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NFL – Favre Announced His Retirement

It appears that finally Bret Favre is going to retire, after announcing his first retirement in March 4th 2008 with the Green Bay Packers, he changed his mind in the last minute, but then he was traded to the New York Jets. That season with the New York Jets wasn’t the best for him, in part due to his injuries but he had received an already damaged Jets’ team, coming from a record of 4-12. Even so, Favre managed to win nine games with the Jets, three more than the Packers did, but he got injured with a torn biceps tendon and had to play with it during, so the Jets managed to win only …

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NFL Predictions – Three NFL Betting Futures for the Win this NFL Season

It’s finally here. The 2008 NFL season is about to start, which means it’s our last moments to get in some NFL betting futures action. I love betting on football and NFL season win totals are my thing. I don’t bet on Super Bowl and AFC/NFC champion futures much.
Each year I win NFL betting futures on NFL season win totals. Before I give you my three NFL predictions for this season, let me give you a good learning tip. If you’re not up to speed on football betting, you can watch some free videos on YouTube by typing in “wise bettor” into the search box. Try it out.
NFL Predictions
1. New York Jets OVER 7
The New …

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The Fun of Fantasy Football

Fifteen to eighteen million people play fantasy football every year-and the numbers are growing rapidly.
In fantasy football, you “draft” or auction an imaginary team composed of real-life football players (this can include NFL professionals or college players). They then score points based on their actual performance in real games.
Your fantasy tournament progresses in much the same way as the real football games. You go head-to-head, competing against another opponent each week.
If your team scores the most points by the end of the season, and has the best win-loss record, you win.
Fantasy football was invented by Danny Dulac, one of the organizers of the Raiders. He thought of it during a road trip to the east …

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