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Studying the Soccer Game

If you’re struggling to become a better soccer player, the help you need could come from an unlikely place: from study and observation. Now, before you start scoffing about how you’ll learn more by doing than by studying, think about it. If you never watch a game on TV, you’ll never see all those drills and soccer techniques you do put into practice. If you never ask a question about certain techniques, you may be learning it the wrong way and you’d have no idea.
If you enjoy doing something, you don’t just do it. You read about it, talk about it, and drive your friends and family crazy with it, all in an effort to …

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Basketball Drills Secrets Of The Zone

Writer Glen C. Brown author of `Secrets Of The Zone Press` writes from this extraordinary coaching and basketball skilled book.
`In the writing of a text on a coaching system for a major competitive sport, the author is immediately under suspicion that he has withheld his own `secret formula` for success.
So a coach, player or basketball fan who takes a serious interest in the game that was originated and has been perfected in the United States may greet this volume with some trepidation.
Such was my first reaction when asked by Glenn Brown to write an introduction to this volume on the art of basketball coaching.
This man has been a prep and college player, head coach of …

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