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Shin Pain

Exercises and advice to keep your lower leg healthy and strong.
Shinsplints are a common beginner’s injury, so many seasoned runners assume they’re immune. But medial tibial stress syndrome, the top cause of shinsplints, is usually triggered by overtraining – something that can befall even experienced runners.
If you feel soreness or pain along your shinbone while running, check your training log. Chances are you’ve increased your mileage or intensity too much without enough rest. Other causes include running on hard or uneven road surfaces and wearing worn-out shoes. Stretching, strengthening, icing, and replacing shoes are effective rehabilitation strategies. If your pain persists, you might have a stress fracture or compartment syndrome, conditions that require a doctor’s …

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Which Factors Influence how a Runner Performs in the Heat?

The Olympic Games always stimulates debate and discussion around heat and performance.
Most elite long-distance runners choose to race at night or during the cooler spring and autumn months – the Olympics changes all that, forcing athletes to race when temperatures may be close to or even above 30°C, with high humidity. Long distance running in Beijing is going to be a very tough prospect, especially when one considers the added prospect of the pollution.
There are two key physiological factors that impact on every runner’s ability to perform in the heat: body size and acclimatization.
Body size is vital because there is evidence that smaller runners store less heat than larger runners.
This is because small runners produce …

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Three Simple Tips to Improve Your Running

A question I regularly get from readers of my website is the following:
“I have been running the same course faster and faster every time. Lately I can’t improve anymore. What should I do to improve my running?”
I get this type of question regularly via my running training helpline. Usually I can help out and provide a few of the following running tips.
Improve Your Running Tip #1: Build Your Base
Many runners run a set course and then try to beat their time each and every time. This seems a valid approach. At first, you will usually find yourself improving quite a bit as you get used to the distance and the course. Inevitably though at some …

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Track Shoes – Straight Talk From A Track And Field Athlete

If you are into the sports that are part of track and field, it is important to make sure you get the right shoe. Running shoes are the most important piece of equipment a track lover can purchase. It is important that you, like the pros, spend some time checking out shoes until you find the best running shoes for your individual feet. Despite the temptation, it is vitally important that you avoid buying shoes that simply look good. You need to look for shoes that are going to be right for your feet and your track event. Fashion should, at best, be a secondary factor in your decision.
Once you know that it is important …

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