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Skateboarding Tricks For Beginners

There are literally hundreds of easy skateboarding tricks you can learn. Some of them are simple and you will master them in a short amount of time. Others can and will take some more time and serious dedication. Sometimes injuries too. However, there are some great tips which help you learn and have fun at the same time.
Don’t compare youself with experts
Remember that the experts have insane amounts of experience. Therefore you should expect them to make it look easy. If you start getting worried that you are not as good as some expert you have seen in videos, or even some guy down at the park who is better then you, you are only …

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Skateboarding – The Vert Ramp

It’s the ultimate adrenalin rush of the skateboarding world, tipping your self over the edge of the vert ramp with just a little board on wheels to save you from much pain and humiliation at the bottom. A true adrenalin junkie cannot resist the call of the half pipe but have you got the guts to give it a go? If so read on to get a few pointers to help you over the edge….
Step one
Hopefully you know how to skateboard already, if not you ain’t ready for the vert ramp. Make sure you know all the basics well. Practice on a mini ramp before you consider the vert. It’s a good step to take …

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