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Study explains science of soccer

With the attention of sports fans worldwide focused on South Africa and the 2010 FIFA World Cup, U.S. scientist John Eric Goff has made the aerodynamics of the soccer ball a focus of his research.
In an article appearing in the magazine Physics Today this month, Goff examines the science of soccer and explains how the world’s greatest players are able to make a soccer ball do things that would seem to defy the forces of nature.
Goff’s article looks at the ball’s changing design and how its surface roughness and asymmetric air forces contribute to its path once it leaves a player’s foot. His analysis leads to an understanding of how reduced air density in games …

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The Next Great European Sport

Soccer is the major sport over in Europe; however, a new craze has begun. European football as taken off and promises to become as big a sport there as soccer. Many people in other countries outside of Europe, such as the Unites States, do not even realize that football is played in the European countries. When traveling to European countries visitors are quite surprised to find football stadiums as well as soccer arenas. Soccer will most likely always be Europe’s favorite sport, but football has been growing steadily in the past several years. And they have gained a faithful following of supporters as well.
The European football league does not compare to the United States football …

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5 Crucial Tips for First-Time Soccer Coaches

The start of the soccer season draws upwards of 19 million players to the fields – many for the first time. Among these soccer warriors are the moms and dads that volunteer to serve as coaches. These well-intended surrogates, many with no soccer or coaching experience, are central to the success of the season. Here are five crucial tips for first-time soccer coaches:
1. Team Meeting
Hold a team meeting with the parents. This is an important first step to establishing dialogue with the team. You’ll figure out straight away who will be your staunches allies and who may become troubling families. During this meeting, you must communicate your expectations for the season. Explain that the kids …

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How to Coach Soccer Players to Handle Pressure

When you are learning how to coach soccer, you need to keep in mind that one thing that is guaranteed during a soccer match is pressure. Whether your players are on offense or defense, they will experience pressure from the other team. Part of what you need to figure out when learning how to coach soccer is learning how to teach your players to handle that pressure.
Pressure on the Ball Handler
How many times have you seen a young player blindly kick the ball away whenever a defender gets within five feet of them. They become so panicked when pressure comes that they lose confidence in their own ability, and make a poor decision with the …

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Why Soccer Not Popular In The States

I was a little tired able to elevate the sport of soccer, but I simply can not help myself. I know he wants to become the great USA but that is never going to happen. The problem is that everything is too boring to watch television. They are not score enough goals and the customer is still waiting so low. It reminds me completely hockey only without the ice and ice skates. The basic rules are the same and therefore the results. If hockey hasn ‘been able to give up soccer.
The only way it could become more interesting is that if soccer should consider changing the rules a little. They should try to make it …

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A Great Source of Football Information

Football is definitely one of the most exciting sports. Every football event truly prompts a rush of adrenaline. The excitement among viewers and fanatics simply could not be easily contained. It is understandable that fanatics and followers are always on the go to seek and access information regarding a popular and well-hyped football event.
Online, there are numerous Websites that are operating to provide basic sports information. But football fans know that the sport must have its own wholly dedicated football news and events site. That is why organizers of the Website Daily Soccer News made sure this demand will be fully covered and provided for.
Visit the Webpage at and see how the site could …

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Studying the Soccer Game

If you’re struggling to become a better soccer player, the help you need could come from an unlikely place: from study and observation. Now, before you start scoffing about how you’ll learn more by doing than by studying, think about it. If you never watch a game on TV, you’ll never see all those drills and soccer techniques you do put into practice. If you never ask a question about certain techniques, you may be learning it the wrong way and you’d have no idea.
If you enjoy doing something, you don’t just do it. You read about it, talk about it, and drive your friends and family crazy with it, all in an effort to …

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Why Soccer Is Good For Kids

There are more benefits to playing youth soccer than you may realize.
The sport of soccer continues to grow in the US as evidenced by the increasing number of kids getting involved in the game and the attendance numbers at MLS soccer games throughout the country. This is a good thing because it provides a great opportunity for all kids, no matter how tall, short, skinny, plump, shy, smart, or whatever, to gain the benefits of being part of a team where anyone can be a super star on any given day.
All sports provide physical and other benefits for those involved in them. But soccer offers much more to help youths develop, interact with others, and …

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