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Why Sports are Good For You – And It’s About Much More Than Keeping Fit

Sport is good for you – and it’s not just about keeping fit. We already know, and we’re told by many eminent people that regular exercise is good for us.
But as somebody who plays sport regularly I’ve learnt that it is about much more than just the physical exercise. We’ll start with some widely accepted views. First doing regular exercise helps your vital organs. Getting the heart pumping, the lungs working deeply and the legs or arm muscles working hard helps improve the strength and stamina that we have. This in turn helps us fight other diseases more effectively and stay generally healthy. Also of course if you play competitive sport regularly, you are more …

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Perform Your Best Under Pressure in Sport

The biggest problem every athlete has is learning how to create unshakable confidence under pressure. Most sport psychologists will never tell you that virtually all athletes have the exact same reaction when they are not performing well.
First, they become frustrated and a bit angry.
Second, they lose their confidence, worried they’re going to get worse and worse.
Third, they tell themselves to ‘get over’ their loss of confidence put pressure on themselves to feel better, fast.
None of these reactions leads to consistent, magnificent athletic performance.
Performing your best under pressure in sport is a matter of emotional self-mastery in the key moments of competition.
Mastering Fear and Performance Anxiety
To be confident under pressure, you must know how to handle …

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What Makes A Sport An Extreme Sport?

Obviously extreme sports get your attention. The have garnered the attention of the U.S. military who has recognized that anyone involved in extreme sports would be good candidates to recruit for their hard to fill special operations positions like the Army Rangers and Navy Seals.
So what is it that makes a sport extreme? Let’s take a look at some of the most popular ones
One of the main factors that make a sport extreme is the element of risk of injury or even death. In nearly every sport that is classified in this way you will usually find speed, heights, danger, and stunts. I believe the thing that causes people to become addicted to participating in …

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