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10 Things You Should Avoid Before or After Swimming

1. Avoid eating heavy meal before you swim. Let your stomach digesting your meal at least 45 minutes before you jump to swimming pool. It is the most important thing you have to remember because swimming with full stomach will cause stomach cramp.
2. Do not forget your sun block If you forgetting your sun block, then be prepared to get sunburn. A good sun block is also protecting your skin from getting dried.
3. Do not miss body stretching. Another thing you have to remember is to do body stretching at least 15 minutes, once again this is very important to avoid body cramp. To be a good swimmer, your body needs to be flexible. And …

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Swimming With Dolphins

Ever since I can remember, my love affair with dolphins has always been a restless force inside of me. As a child I was besotted with the intelligence and charm of “Flipper” in the TV series of the same name. And so, many years later, as an adult, having the opportunity to interact with these creatures one on one was indeed a dream come true.
Quite rightly, dolphins are vigorously protected by many laws which makes swimming with them in the wild an illegal activity. However, thanks to their conservation and education programs throughout the world, Sea World has been granted special approval by USA government to give visitors to it’s parks a once in a …

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