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6 Tennis Ball Machine Practice Drills

Here are some ideas for utilizing your tennis ball machine in your practice sessions. Before we get into details of the drills though, a word of caution: make sure you’re reinforcing good technique, not bad! To help with this you may want to:
* work with a coach or friend who’s at least as good as you
* consider video-taping your session – you may spot things as an observer that you can’t as a player
Practice Drill 1
Fire ball after ball to the same position on court, to allow you to really groove a particular shot. Bye bye, dodgy backhand. You can do this for just about any shot: ground-strokes, half-volleys, volleys, overheads, return of serve, etc.
Practice …

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Tennis Lessons – What Really Is A Bad Habit?

In my experience as a tennis coach, the more I learn about players’ own individual styles of playing tennis, the more I question what really are bad habits in tennis. How do you describe a bad habit? Everyone is so worried about developing bad habits that they run from teaching pro to teaching pro and stress themselves out attempting to stave off the dreaded ‘bad habit’! They read books and tennis magazines and study videos seeking answers to the ultimate tennis strokes.
Now do not get me wrong. I’m not telling you that there are no guidelines to follow when learning to play tennis. What I am telling you is these guidelines are far too rigid …

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Maximum Tennis Power

Power is the most talked about feature of modern tennis.
It is the one single component that has shaped the game we know today. When we talk about power tennis (think Rafael Nadal, Marat Safin, Roger Federer, the Williams sisters and Maria Sharapova) it is the ability to accelerate and coordinate not only the racket, but also the movement of the relevant body parts that is crucial. Power is determined by your ability to exert forces quickly. Genetics determines your potential for speed of movement and therefore your power.
However, it is now known that even if you are not blessed with an initial abundance of fast-twitch fibres (type 2b) – the muscle type best suited to …

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